According to the recent health trends, people have been calling green coffee the new drink to lose weight and we couldn’t agree more. 

A hot cup of cappuccino is a favourite go-to drink for many people. As a coffee lover, you may think that you know everything about it but that may not be the case. A new type of coffee has been creating a lot of buzzes and if you have happened to miss it, we are here to update you. 

Green coffee is the newest addition to the weight loss fads. Green coffee beans are seeds of the coffee fruits that are not roasted like regular coffee and have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid which is believed to have numerous health benefits. Here we will talk about how green coffee is the new weight-loss beverage in trend. 

What is Green Coffee?

As we mentioned earlier, green coffee beans are seeds of the coffee fruits that are not roasted like regular coffee and have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid. The amount of this compound reduces when the beans are roasted and made into what we consume. The chlorogenic acid has antioxidant properties, which make green coffee good for weight loss and for lowering blood pressure. The roasted coffee has reduced levels of chlorogenic acid, which is why drinking our regular coffee does not promote weight loss.

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How Effective is Green Coffee for Weight Loss?

There is no doubt that a cup of coffee gives your body the required energy and that instant boost to get going for the day. Following are some of the amazing health benefits of green coffee and how it proves to be super effective for weight loss:

  • Boosts Metabolism- It is an evident fact that the higher the metabolism, the more weight we lose. The chlorogenic acid helps in increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which eventually reduces the release of glucose from the liver to the bloodstream. Then in the place of glucose, the body starts burning the excess fat, which ultimately results in weight loss
  • Reduces Appetite- Green Coffee acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It helps in controlling your food cravings and thus prevent you from overeating. Consumption of green coffee regularly also blocks the consumption of fat and carbohydrates in the body
  • Reduces the absorption of sugar- Drinking green coffee regularly reduced the absorption of sugar in your small intestine which in turn leads to less sugar availability to be stored as fat
  • Helps in burning extra fat- Green coffee beans contain kelp (a certain type of seaweed enriched with essential vitamins and minerals) in large amounts. When your body maintains the required levels of nutrients, it boosts metabolism which in turn burns unwanted fat and extra calories in the body

Which Type of Green Coffee is Good for Weight Loss?

Two types of green coffee can help in effective weight loss-

  1. Green Coffee Extract- Green coffee extracts contain high levels of nutrients and chlorogenic acids and come in the form of pills or powdered form. During the processing of green coffee extract, the majority of chlorogenic acid is extracted.
  2. Soluble Green Coffee- Soluble green coffee resembles instant green coffee and can be made easily. It comes in  3 forms- freeze-dries, granulated and powdered. Among these, the freeze-dried variety is the best. It is best to buy your green coffee online as you will be able to compare the best brands available in the market.
How to use Green Coffee for Losing Weight?
  • Select the best green coffee (One of the best brands you can try is Greenbrrew green coffee)
  • Add Supplements like cinnamon, mint leaves etc. (optional if you don’t like your coffee plain)
  • Do not consume sugary foods
  • Do not drink green coffee right after a meal
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle

Claim: Fact or Fiction?

Does green coffee help in reducing weight? A review of human practices shows that using green coffee regularly can help with weight loss. However, there is no documented research as to the effectiveness of green coffee in reducing weight. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Taking Green Coffee?

The negative effects of taking green coffee are similar to regular coffee as the extract still contains caffeine. Common side effects of caffeine are:

  • Disturbed stomach
  • Increased heart rate
  • Frequent urination
  • Troubled sleeping
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Acne


1. When to drink Green Coffee for weight loss?

Ans: The best time to drink green coffee is:

  • In the morning (before or after a workout)
  • With breakfast
  • Before lunch

2. How many cups of Green Coffee should I consume per day?

Ans: You can drink 3-4 cups of green coffee per day for losing weight. Avoid drinking too many cups of green coffee as it can negatively impact your health.

3. Does Green Coffee promote weight loss?

Ans: Although many studies claim that green coffee can help in losing weight but nothing can be said for sure. The effects of drinking green coffee may be different on different individuals. You can always try it after consulting with your nutritionist. 

4. What is Green Coffee Extract?

Ans: Unroasted green coffee beans are used to make green coffee extract. Coffee beans contain a compound called chlorogenic acid which has antioxidant properties, which makes green coffee good for weight loss.

5. Is it safe to drink Green Coffee?

Ans: The caffeine content and chlorogenic acids in green coffee may not be the same in different brands of coffee. If you happen to buy a low-quality green coffee, the caffeine content in that can interact with other supplements or medicines that you might be taking at the time and may have a negative reaction. Hence it is advisable to only buy high-quality and trusted brand of green coffee. Undoubtedly drinking green coffee has many benefits but before you start drinking it, remember to consult with your doctor if you are on any medication.