Hair Transplant Procedures: Average Cost, what to Expect? and More

Hair Restoration London
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One of the greatest, simplest truths when thinking about hair loss prevention in London is the fact — too much, too late. Much like how we take our health and youth for granted — we do that to our luscious mane as well. Then one day we wake up with all three have gone down the drain and start thinking of remedial measures that prevent further damage. Having said that, however, for those of us who are dealing with a genetic propensity to hair loss- trying to get on top of the situation with a hair transplant in London is something that we should be looking into closely, to help you get back the hair that you lost at least for most bit. If you are the kind who is easily bothered by hair loss then hair restoration in London can help you feel much more confident and bring your mojo back, so to speak. Now once you have made up your mind, it is best that you talk to your surgeon regarding the nitty-gritty of what to expect, in terms of treatment, results, and costing.

Coming to your expectations and the recovery bit from a hair transplant in London — once you have undergone the procedure for a hair transplant in London, you will notice that your scalp is extremely tender to touch or other sensations. It may happen that you might need pain medications for quite a few days to ease it. Your head would ideally be bandaged for one to two days and you may also be prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug or antibiotic to be taken for a few days. When it comes to getting back to work, you can expect to be able to work in 2-5 days post the procedure, given that there are no complications as such.

Now for the freakier bit about hair loss prevention in London, after almost 2-3 weeks of surgery, the hair that has been transplanted will begin to fall out. It is natural so do not worry! New growth begins to visibly appear with a couple of months. For most people, it is quite normal to see 60% new hair growing out in 6 months to approximately 9 months. There are surgeons who will tell you to take hair-growth drugs, such as Minoxidil or Rogaine so that you can get better hair growth after a hair transplant in London.

Coming to the price of the transplant — it mainly depends on the quantity of hair being moved and can range anywhere between four thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars ($4000 — $15000). The various factors that effects the pricing includes factors like:

  • Where you are staying London — as a hair transplant in London would let’s say be costlier in Harley street as opposed to the suburbs, since doctors charge prices accordingly and that has a direct impact on the total cost of the procedure.
  • Whether you have chosen a FUT or FUE as a method for hair restoration in London also is an important factor that is relevant — since both the procedures have different costs.
  • Another really important factor that helps you in determining the cost of your hair transplant in London is the skill level of your surgeon. If he is considered the best in his field then, they will, of course, charge you more. Having said, that however, the rate of the surgeon is not really a guarantee of their skill, so it is best that you do your research properly and then take a call.
  • Last but not the least, and to be honest probably one of the most important factors is, the amount of hair that you need to get patched on in your hair transplant in London. If you want to get just a few patches done, then it will probably cost you significantly lower than getting a full head of hair transplanted. So that too factors in majorly in how much it is really going to cost you.

Apart from all these a minor contribution to the overall cost, can be travel costs as well. Since you will be making frequent trips to the clinic, it will cost you too. If you are planning to go for the best specialists in the business, sometimes that means having to travel to see them too. Hence, you need to factor in all the aforementioned criteria in order to assess if your treatment of hair restoration in London is a cost-efficient one or not and then see if you are up for it!