Nothing is more important than a healthy life. There is always an uncertainty what is going to happen to you, you never know about it. So you need to secure your future. Having an appropriate health insurance is very important to support you during the bad phases of life. The medical expenses after meeting with an accident can make a hole in your pocket. The scenario is same for the cancer patients too. The medical bill for regular checkups, visiting a good doctor, chemotherapy can baffle you financially. So the health insurance can help you in paying the bills.

The world of insurance itself is very confusing. There are different companies that have different health plans. Some company have extra facilities some have a good tie up with the best hospitals in your place. So choosing a right health plan and right company is very crucial. Basically there are two types of plans, one is the indemnity plan and the other is the managed care plan. The indemnity plan offers greater flexibility and freedom in getting insured.

The insured person has the flexibility of choosing his own hospital, laboratory; choose any doctor of his choice as long as the medical services are included in the health plan. But the trick of such health insurance plans is that the company doesn’t pay the whole amount of the medical bill, instead of that the insured person needs to shoulder 20% of the amount. The managed care plan is a bit different, here the choice of doctor, laboratory, and hospital is on the tie up that your company has. If you wish to get yourself treated in some other hospital that your health provider doesn’t have a tie up then the total cost need to be incurred by you, the health provider is not going to pay a single penny.  Generally mental health and preventive care costs are included in such plans.

Now days due to the increased demand of the customized health plan, there are health plans that are hybrid of indemnity and managed care plan. These types of plan help you to choose hospitals according to your choice, but the extra expenses that will be incurred in getting treated in such hospitals need to be taken care of by the insured person.

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