Getting pregnant may be exciting but it also comes with a lot of responsibility as well. Responsibility? Yes, you have to take care of yourself and your baby inside you as well. You have to eat well, do regular exercise, and make appropriate choices in just about everything you do for making sure that things go exactly as planned and you give birth to a healthy baby.

You don’t just have to keep yourself stress-free and use tools like conception calculator to get insights into your pregnancy as there are many other things that you can do to stay healthy in this time. Here are a few simple things that you can do for keeping your baby safe as well as for having a healthy pregnancy overall.


  • Keep Your Hands Clean


Even though it is safe for you to make use of different cleaning products like bleach, ensure that you have household gloves to be used whenever needed for avoiding any such cleaners to get in touch with your skin. Your skin may absorb these chemicals and that might be harmful for your baby. You should also try not to clean things like oven because it’s often hard to have ample ventilation in small spaces. Besides, do not try to empty your cat litter tray because the cat poop may have parasite carrying toxoplasmosis – an infection which may lead to miscarriage, birth defects and stillbirth.

Furthermore, when you are using chemicals to clean don the Marigolds and ensure that there is enough ventilation in the room. Put your gloves on when gardening as well and wash salads, fruit, and vegetables for getting rid of any soil which may also have toxoplasma parasite.


  • Buy New Bra


When you go through your pregnancy, it is common for you to experience certain changes in your breasts and they grow in size as well. So, you will have to buy new bra that fits better. It is often advised by some midwives that you must not go for something that is under-wired as the wire can obstruct the increased flow of blood in your breasts or, maybe, squash the milk duct system that is under development.

So, it is advised that you must go for a non-wired or maternity bra that has wider shoulder straps, adjustable back and good support to offer. Depending on the amount of change you have in the breasts, you might need to re-fit your bra almost 4-6 times through 9 months of your pregnancy.


  • Take Care Of What You Eat


If you are eating anything that is not completely cooked through, it might have bacteria known as listeria and that can lead to stillbirth, serious illnesses in your newborn baby, and even miscarriages.

For avoiding such bacteria, ensure that you cook your food at really high temperatures. Besides, here are some foods that you must avoid.

  • Try not to take blue cheeses, mould-ripened soft cheese or unpasteurized cheese including ones with soft rind.
  • Try not to take shark, marlin and swordfish, and consume only a couple of tuna steaks in a week and not more. If you are buying tuna in cans, you should take only four medium-sized cans in a week. If you take more than that, the mercury present in such fish may harm the developing nervous system of the baby.
  • Try not to eat liver and make sure that you only eat thoroughly cooked meat. You must also be careful about cured meat because it’s usually uncooked. You may also be able to reduce risk of the parasites by simply freezing the cured meat.



  • Take Care Of Your Teeth


The hormonal changes in pregnancy might cause easily bleeding gums. If that happens, visit a dentist regularly and have thorough cleaning.


  • Lose Those High Heels


Just like the waistline, your feet might get wider in pregnancy as well. Furthermore, keeping balance in those amazing high heels becomes a lot harder when you’re carrying the weight of your baby too. So, it is better to leave such shoes back in your wardrobe for some time and pick some fashionable flat shoes during these 9 months.


  • Fasten The Seatbelt Properly


Accidents are considered among the leading causes of injuries to pregnant women. So, it is advised that you must fasten the seatbelt properly every time to ensure that it stays above as well as below the bump rather than across it.


  • Take Folic Acid Supplement Everyday


During your first trimester, you should take around 400 mg of a good folic acid supplement every day. Increasing the folic acid levels in the body can be helpful in protecting your baby from neural tube defects like spina bifida.


  • Do Not Smoke


Smoking is often linked with premature birth, cot death, low weight after birth, breathing problems in the baby and even miscarriages. So, it is better that you avoid smoking in pregnancy.


  • Do Not Drink


Drinking heavily in pregnancy is also associated with low birth weight as well as some serious defects in the baby at the time of birth. So, you should stop drinking before pregnancy or soon after that.


  • Reduce Your Caffeine Intake


Increased intake of caffeine is also associated with miscarriages and low birth weight. So, if you’re drinking more than 6 cups tea or 3 mugs coffee every day, you should reduce that as much as possible.

Keep these things in mind and make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy right throughout and give birth to a healthy baby as well. All the tips given above are surely going to help.