In the past few years, India has developed evidently in the field of medical services. The percentage of people travelling to India from foreign countries for medical treatments is increasing. India provides many medical services and treatments for which it is known in different parts of the world. The quality and the advanced technologies being used in the medical treatments in India, has earned it a lot of names. Among all the medical treatments, Liver Transplant is one for which many foreigners come to India.

Liver Transplant

Getting liver transplant surgery done in India, is hassle-free. You can seek advice from any liver transplant surgeon from one of the best hospitals in India. From your appointment to consultation, surgery to treatment, all is taken care of in a good manner in India. Let’s know why India is being called as a top medical destination for the liver transplant.

Type of technology being used in India for Liver Transplant

India has the approval from US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO), for the liver transplant surgery. The hospitals in India where liver transplant surgery gets done are well equipped with advanced medical technologies. Along with that, the highly experienced surgeons specialized in the field of organ transplantation conducts the surgery. There is no doubt that the technologies being used for transplant in India are comparatively better than what is being used in other nations.

Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in India

Despite using the most advanced liver transplant technology, the cost of the transplantation in India will surprise you. Comparing the Indian liver transplant cost with other countries like US, UK, Canada, UAE, etc., the cost in India is quite low. Indian hospitals not just excel in providing the best treatment for the liver transplant, but they make it affordable too. This helps a lot of patients who cannot afford the surgery in their own country or some other countries. In some of the hospitals in India, the liver transplantation costs around 14 to 15 lakhs only. This cost not just includes the surgery cost, but also includes the cost of all the consultation, the number of medical check-ups & observations, and all the medications as well. This is one of the major reasons for getting liver transplantation done in India.

Liver Transplant Surgery success rate in India

Many patients get worried thinking whether their liver transplantation surgery will be successful or not. The rate of liver failure in India during the liver transplantation surgery is low. Almost 90% of the liver transplants in India are successful. Liver Transplant in India success rate somehow depends on the patient’s health and how severely the patient is affected by liver diseases. The life expectancy rate has increased to approximately 50% of the people who got their surgery done in India.