A hot water bottle is a straightforward and easy way to alleviate pain from the body. Almost everyone has one in their house. Compared to the hot water pads, these are very easy and safe to use. You need to heat some water and fill the water bottle and start using it. Just 30 minutes of use can give you good relaxation from the pain. These hot water bottles are useful in many ways, and hence many people use them. But there are certain do’s and don’ts when using a hot water bottle. It is always good to know about them to avoid any problem. So, here are the do’s and don’ts of the hot water bottle. 

Hot water bottle Do’s:

Cover or towel: Always makes sure that you are using a towel on the skin surface as a barrier between the water bottle and skin. This is going to help in preventing any burns on the skin. You can also use a cover for the hot water bag or bottle. 

Empty it:

You should always remember that it is good to empty the hot water bottle after every use. Water should not be left in the bottle. That can reduce the life of the water bottle. 

Remove stopper:

The cap or the stopper that you use for the hot water bottle should always be removed. That means you should always keep the water bottle open when not in use. That will make sure that the inner part of the bottle is dry and does not cause any smell. If you are worried about missing the stopper, then you can tie it to the neck of the bottle with the help of a small string. 

Upside down: 

When not in use, always hang the hot water bottle upside down. This way, if there is any water in the bottle will come out. 

Hot water bottle Don’ts:

No pressure:

Many people stand on them or sleep in hot water bottles to reduce in the foot or stomach. But you should never put any kind of pressure on the hot water bottle when there is water in it. In case any accident happens, and it punctures, your skin will burn due to the hot water present in it. 

Not more than 30 minutes:

Irrespective of the pain or reason for which you are using a hot water bottle, you should not use it continuously for more than 30 minutes. If you are using it for a prolonged time, then the skin tissues will get damaged due to overheating. 

Latex allergy:

If you are having latex allergy, then you should strictly avoid using rubber water bottles, even if they claim that they are latex-free. It is safe to go for thermoplastic water bottles. They are safe and do not cause any kind of allergy. 

Not for babies:

It is not a good option for babies under three years of age. Also, you should not leave it near to kids of any age as there are chances that they open it. The hot water can burn their sensitive skin very easily even without opening it as the heat of hot water bottle is too much for a kid.