Weight range is an important aspect of conception. You can lose weight in a healthy manner by eliminating caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. Achieving the ideal body fat percentage involves eating healthy and balanced food, being physically active and taking good care of your health. This will naturally cause your body to lose excess fat and remain healthy without depriving yourself. 

Body Fat Percentage

If you are already at your ideal weight and body fat range, continue to eat adequate amounts of nutritious food and remain physically fit. Good fitness levels and a healthy body are worth aspiring to, but you should avoid a low body fat percentage that can make it hard for you to conceive. 

Gaining weight and increasing body fat is often necessary for women who are underweight and want to conceive. The body fat of the average woman is ideal for conception and can be achieved through moderate exercise and healthy fats in the diet including olive oil and nuts. 

Hormone Levels 

  • When body fat is either too high or too low, it can cause hormone levels to go down drastically. Sufficient estrogen levels are essential for stimulating regular ovulation. Women who are underweight may experience regular periods, but ovulation may not occur. 
  • When progesterone levels are low, this may affect the menstrual cycle. Optimum hormone levels are necessary for preparing the body for pregnancy. When too much fat takes the place of these hormones, the health of the uterine lining is compromised. 
  • Although normal ovulation may occur as well as fertilization, the disruption in your cycle may interfere with the time required for the fertilized egg to be implanted. Excess body fat can make conceiving as challenging as low body fat does. 

Weight Problems 

    • Weight problems can further exacerbate fertility problems and even cause resistance to fertility medication. Excess fat and weight negatively affects ovulation and the proper implantation of the embryo. A conception calculator works by reviewing the window period of conception and due date to help you determine when you can get pregnant. 
    • A waistline that rapidly expands is a common aspect of getting older. For some women. body fat usually ends up in the abdomen and exposes them to health risks. If you eat more than what you are able to burn, you are more likely to gain excess weight. 


  • A decrease in muscle mass slows down the way your body uses calories, leading to unhealthy weight. The fat is usually contained deep within your waistline area and surrounds internal organs. It is associated with major health problems that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. 


Information about Conception Calculators 

Different women use conception calculators for various reasons. Conception calculators can be used by women who want to verify who the father of their unborn child is. They are also useful for women who want to increase their chances of conception by knowing when they are most likely to get pregnant. In order for you to use the calculator effectively, you need to know the first day of your last menstruation cycle or your due date.