I’ve been suffering from depression for as long back as I can remember. And if I were asked to put a starting date to my predicament, I’d say that it first became noticeable when I was 10 years old. My parents initially put my lengthy tantrum and sobbing episodes to my overly sensitive nature. But I knew then that this explanation was lacking. Because I used to think that everyone in the world was out to get me. That I had no friends – only enemies who wanted some portion of me. And it didn’t help matters much when my uncle chose to sexually assault me one day; while insolently pretending that nothing significant had happened. By calmly saying that my overactive imagination was getting the best of me. It is only now, after having conducted some lengthy research on depression through my Spectrum TV Packages and Internet Packages account; that I know I wasn’t dreaming up all these horrible things.

That my fragile psychological and emotional condition, and my innate vulnerabilities, were messed around with. In a shocking, piercing and bloodcurdling way that no child, in any corner of the globe, should have to go through.

And you know what still hurts the most?


My Personal Story of Harassment – and Depression

It’s the fact that my parents didn’t get what I was saying back then. The fact that they chose to completely disregard my concerns and observations, and willingly sided with my molester. A person who still carelessly trots around the house while giving me his leering, disgusting smile. A monster of a man who has daughters of his own; yet still chooses to have his way with the other girls in our family. And with our elders mute, and desperate (as always) to avoid getting broiled up in any clan controversies – he has full reign to carry on with his ‘activities’.

My account of childhood exploitation could be superimposed on virtually every sixth home in suburban America. Despite the success of the recent #MeToo and other female-empowerment centered movements, I know that young girls in our country are not safe. And at least nowhere as sheltered or legally protected as our current administration likes to think. Or as our so-called ‘elders’ like to pretend.


Chronic Depression Leads to a Compromised Immune System

My current state of clinical depression, for which I am forced to take several powerful mind-altering antidepressants and serotonergic drugs, is a legacy of my childhood harassment experience. It is also one of the reasons why I support the death penalty for willful child molesters and rapists. Because I know of no other class of criminals who wreak peoples’ lives in such a far-reaching way. Who don’t understand the concept of consent – and are responsible for breeding so much psychological trauma in society.

One of the most striking effects that chronic depression has on the body is in its impact on the immune system. Being the body’s main defensive mechanism, the immune system is particularly susceptible to rising blood cortisol levels (the body’s natural stress hormone). Like adrenaline, cortisol raises the heartbeat, and diverts blood glucose towards the body’s extremities. While these stress-inducing substances are beneficial in the short term, they can be severely damaging when they’re constantly secreted. And this is exactly what happens when a person is depressed.


The Link between Depression and Systemic Inflammation

High blood cortisol levels also cause a lot of body-wide inflammation. An inflamed cellular environment, as any medical specialist would tell you, is the ideal breeding ground for further disease. Some common ailments that result from this condition include hypertension, Type-2 diabetes, IBS, and even cancer. And it isn’t a far-off chance that you’ll end up being bogged by these conditions.

I should know. Because I got my diabetes diagnosis only a few months after getting my psychiatrist’s note stating that I was clinically depressed.

And it’s definitely not fun when I need to take my insulin shots twice every day – in addition to all the antianxiety medication pills that are part of my regular regimen.


Depression and Vitamin Deficiencies

A weakened immune system naturally corresponds with a number of vitamin deficiencies. For this reason, you normally need to take a lot of the Vitamins B, C, D and E when you suffer from depression.

One major sign of a vitamin shortage is that you tend to contract a lot of cold and fever symptoms from time to time. For depression sufferers, dealing with these ailments is oftentimes part of daily routine.

This is the reason why I always keep a supply of a good multivitamin stocked with me at all times – ordered through my Charter Spectrum packages subscription. Because you can never be too careful when it comes to treating your flu infections.

These have a tendency to spiral down into full-fledged fevers if not treated promptly enough.