Orthodontic treatment regardless of its kind requires a lot of dedication and patience on the patient’s part. It is usually a liberating feeling, especially on the day when the braces finally come off. However, amidst all the excitement, it could be easy to forget that you need to move on in your orthodontic journey.

When you consult experienced orthodontics, especially those who enroll in orthodontic training programs, you will get to hear about fixed retainers. The fact remains that braces are one of the very first steps towards the journey to ensuring you have straighter and better teeth, as well as better oral health. The truth is that maintaining the results of your new smile is something that depends on “retention.” Over the years, it is important to maintain the results of your smile through regular use of retainers. The use of appropriate and good quality retainers will help to prevent your teeth from shifting away from their improved and new positions.

For most patients, it’s a challenge to ensure they wear retainers and it’s a clear understanding. Once you are through with your never-ending experience with braces, the bare teeth feeling and a new smile would seem wonderful. The entire thought of wearing and cleaning a contraption in the mouth would only seem like additional torture, but any orthodontist would inform you about the importance of wearing retainers as a part of additional treatment.

What is a Retainer?

You should know that a retainer is an orthodontic appliance that comes with the unique design to fit in the mouth of a patient. Upon your consultation with an orthodontist who went through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, you will understand that doctors will make an impression of your straightened teeth, and create high-quality retainers for your teeth from the plastic material. It’s completely normal to feel a little strange at first wearing retainers, just as it is with Invisalign and braces, but rest assured that any discomfort initially would be temporary. During the period you wear the retainers, you should not let any form of discomfort get in your way and prevent you from wearing the retainers. Just keep in mind that failure to comply with is would prevent the retainers from working.

If you ignore wearing the retainers, this will only cause your teeth to revert to their original position and shift again, leaving you exactly where you were. To be precise, it will take you back to the beginning of your treatment.

Is Wearing Fixed Retainers Beneficial?

Once you commit that you wish to wear braces to achieve a healthy, lovely smile, maintaining the results is also important. It’s possible for young people who had braces before to become busy with their jobs and college, lose sight of how critical it actually is to wear their retainer every night and ensure the result of their perfect smile remains.

There is a tendency for young people who have worn braces to become very busy with college and jobs and lose sight of how critical it is to wear a retainer every night to keep their perfect smiles. Here are the notable benefits of wearing fixed retainers.

  • When you wear a retainer, the best part is they are aesthetically great. Meaning you don’t have to worry about your appearance based on daily social interactions.
  • Dentists place fixed retainers on the teeth’s backside, which usually makes them visible to others.
  • You will not have to worry about forgetting the retainers in your mouth when packing for trips and losing it. On the other hand, this is a common issue for patients who have removable retainers.
  • While wearing fixed retainers, you will also not have to worry about speaking with a speech However, this is a common side effect when it comes to wearing the removable retainers.
  • Sticking to fixed retainers is comfortable, small, and means your teeth can rest. It will help to keep your teeth in proper alignment through the day.

If you are planning a removal of your braces, the best choice you have is to consider using fixed retainers, which helps to maintain a better smile. Make sure that you consult an orthodontist who has enough experience in straight wire braces and the use of other dental appliances. Learn more about such dental appliances like fixed retainers, research well over the internet, seek advice from your friends and family and them make the choice accordingly. Opt for a clinic that offers reasonable price quotes, and services to ensure you get the best results in the end.