The specifics of a perfect workout are a much debated topic. People often argue about the frequency of separate exercises, the nature of the workout as well as the effects of different diets on it. What they usually don’t pay attention to is the fact that the length of a workout matters as well. Still, how long a perfect workout should last is not a question that is easy to answer. First, there are various types of workouts and you need to adjust your schedule to that knowledge. Nevertheless here are some things to consider.

CrossFit is always shorter

The thing about crossfit training is that it is perfect for building up your strength and endurance. Furthermore, its effects on one’s body (if done regularly and properly) can be truly amazing. As for the duration of a crossfit training, it usually does not take long. Because of its incredible intensity, professional athletes (even top tier ones) can seldom do it for more than 10 minutes. However, this doesn’t mean that since it lasts so little it has no effect, since what it does to your metabolism in those few minutes is truly amazing.

Body building

When it comes to workout duration in bodybuilding, it is on a completely opposite end of the spectrum from crossfit. In fact, most bodybuilders train an hour and a half or even two hours per session. Some disapprove of this practice by claiming that after 45 minutes testosterone levels start to decline, however most bodybuilders tend to disagree with this. Those who do believe these results, sometimes even try to have two separate 45 minutes trainings during the day. In the end, bodybuilding may not be the best indicator, since after all it is more of a lifestyle than a training choice.

Regular training

Now, as for regular training, which is usually aimed at building some muscle mass or losing weight, you can afford to get a bit more mundane. Here a proper 45 minutes workout 4 times a week is more than enough to get things going. If however you aim to completely utilize these relatively short workout sessions it might be a good idea to hire a personal fitness trainer. This way, you will know that every single gym minute is completely utilized towards reaching your long term goal.

Strong man

All of the things that have been mentioned up until now are more or less turned towards conventional exercising, however, becoming a strongman is something completely different. For starters, strongman workouts sometimes last even up to 3 hours each. A strongman in training, or his instructor, would always tell you one thing: time is quite relative. In other words, you have your daily agenda, consisting of all the things that need to be done. This can take three hours or it can take less than an hour, it matters not.

Professional athlete

Finally, we have one more separate category, professional athletes of various kinds. Football players, basketball players and gymnasts all need to dedicate a fair share of their time to the gym. Seeing how they also have their regular trainings, which (depending on the nature of sport), can last for hours on a daily basis, they either have gym days or try to fit an exercise in their tight schedule. All in all, their training is also something that mostly depends on the nature of the sport as well.

As you can see, speaking about the length of a perfect training is simply absurd since you would first have to answer the question of what a perfect training is. Different people choose different trainings in order to achieve different goals, so with all these differences in mind it is really no surprise that ideal training durations differ from situation to situation as well