Open a pharma company can be a great investment and a very profitable business, but involves a process of implementation, here we will tell you the various requirements and certain procedures to open a pharma company.

Pharma Company

Pharmaceutical sectors are an industry that does not stop growing. Their main objective is to offer the medicines to both their illnesses and to prevent them. For many, opening a PCD franchise company at your locality is a good investment and a business with huge possibilities despite having large pharmaceutical chains as competitors.

Pharma company as a business:

One of the strengths of the pharma franchise companies as a business is that the demand for medicines is stable: we all need it sometime and it is a commodity of first necessity. That is, it is an activity that is maintained at any economic stage. This resultant many people and pharma experts are planning to open their pharma company in India due to that the competition is also at the peak.

Everything points to around business for which, yes, there is a delicate aspect: to set up a pharma company, it is necessary to meet the terms with a series of regulatory requirements. From a legal point of view, it is understood that a pharma company is not, for example, as a bar and, as a consequence, licenses are limited.

Procedures to open a pharma company:

The opening of a new pharma company is linked to obtaining the corresponding installation authorization, granted by the health department or competent department of each independent community. Calls for openings of franchise company offices in the different autonomies are frequently called. These competitions are called by the public administrations of each autonomous communities.

Requirements to open a PCD franchise company:

The regulations also establish a series of requirements regarding the location of the company. And, being so regulated and considered a kind of public service, you cannot open a pharma anywhere but must be distributed by cities and towns so that all areas are well supplied.

Documents Required to open a pharma company:

Once we have been granted installation authorization, we must meet a series of additional requirements. These are the documents and elements that we must have in order the following documents:

  • Possess the corresponding academic title with the seal or Authorised university or institute.
  • Registration card of the owner.
  • Health license or notice of operation for the drug trade.
  • A retail drug license for retail owners like a chemist, stand-alone pharmacy, etc.
  • High in Finance
  • Keep in mind that you also have to implement certain security measures that may vary in each autonomous community.
  • Restricted license for General Store.
  • PAN number from Income Tax department
  • CST (Central Sales Tax)
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax number)
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)


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