No one wants to wait when health is a concern. There are many challenges in the medical billing world, where Prior Authorization being one of the most lengthiest and complicated. A survey by Urology Times in 2015 which was reported more than 89%, stated Prior Authorization is increasing. This was even reiterated by AUA Snap survey.

A Normal prior authorization takes place more than 1-3 business days. This is time-consuming for any physician, nurse and clerical staff. It not only creates obstacles in the treatment process but also degrade the clinical result at times.

A recent study has shown more health care are outsourcing their prior authorization service, making it more cost effective and faster than in-house billing service. This helping them focusing more on patients care, technology and other factors.

The Ideal Practice of Prior Authorization for Radiology

Why Sunknowledge Service Inc as Your Prior Authorization Partner for Radiology

Sunknowledge a 100% HIPAA HITECH billing organization catering all prior authorization request, follow up and approval. We offer prior authorization service for PET/SPECT, CT, CTA, MRI MEG and many more.

A track record of 100% PA submission on the same day and real-time audit is one of our specialties. Sunknowledge Service Inc is one of the leading 360-degree revenue cycle management company, with more than 100 satisfied clients. With no lockup policy, providers can avail our privileged standalone/end to end service anytime according to their priorities.

Sunknowledge consists of experts in prior authorization for radiology. Decades of understanding and delivering a consistent outcome with efficiency making Sunknowledge the best option, which most of the in-house billing company is unable to achieve. Our production matrix is unmatchable compare to any billing company. We always work to progress in all the medical billing practice in financial health, through maximum repayment, and minimizing operational cost

If your health care practice is suffering from delayed radiology prior authorization service, denial claims etc. Our expert can help you get a seamless revenue generation. Speak to our team over ‘no commitment call’ and get an effective revenue approach.  To know the advantage of making us as your external operational partner, call us right away.