How To Avoid Asthma During Pregnancy And Its Treatment

Avoid Asthma During Pregnancy

Asthma is a serious medical condition, by which so many people get affected, and most danger comes for the pregnant women. The functions of hormones in this stage increase the chances of asthma, and for that reason, women are prescribed with albuterol during pregnancy.

The pregnancy hormones increase the condition of asthma, but if it’s taken care of in a good way, the issue can be managed. Mild ones in the mother have less effect on the baby or in the mother, but if it’s severe, then there is a higher risk of heightened blood pressure, premature delivery, and preeclampsia and so on. Babies can have low birth weight and even stillbirth. There is one in three women whose asthma enhances during pregnancy, so they need a good healthcare plan to have a healthy and safe delivery of their baby. So here we have covered the same topic for your convenience.

The result of asthma

During the attack, your body can go through sudden allergies, and an inflammation. You will feel your airways are swelling, and you can get the feeling of wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing and chest pain. These attacks escalate quickly, but if the effect stays for a long time then it can cause harm to the baby in the womb. In this case, you ask your doctor that can you use albuterol during pregnancy. Here the physician will prescribe you the necessary medications and you will be able to get some relief from it.

The medications for asthma are tested and your doctor will give you albuterol, by considering the usage only for you. Albuterol is the safest consideration and it will give you a short time remedy. If you inhale corticosteroids, these have a less reverse effect on the body, and you can take it as a tablet as well. There are fewer risks of these medications to enter breast milk.

You will also find the medicines that are injected into the body, and these are used only for the attacks during your pregnancy.

The best ways to prevent asthma

  • Control allergies

You have to stay away from the things that trigger allergy on your body. It can be animals, pollens, dust mites, and cockroaches too. Asthma can also get triggered by smoking, so you must not smoke during pregnancy.

  • Exercise-induced asthma

If you feel the shortness of breath by exercise, then you must ask your healthcare provider and change the heavy to mild ones.

  • Get flu shots

Infections are another host for allergy, so you must get some flu shots, and it’s normally suggested during your pregnancy.

  • Small meals

You also need to take care of your diet and for that, you have to consume small meals. If you have had a large platter then you might face some breathing related issues. Also, you must not eat just before bedtime.

No matter how long you have been suffering from asthma when you get pregnant, you have to visit your doctor routinely, to know about the proper care you can get. You also need to discuss the medications with them, and they will provide you the best resolution.