It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time for celebration, family gatherings, work parties, rich food, snacking and traveling. It’s also the time to make time to make health a priority. This time of the year can prove stressful, and stress can cause not only carelessness which can lead to accidents, stress can also be an excuse to overindulge.

Your primary care physician will tell you that it’s ok to treat yourself on occasion, but it’s easy to let the office parties and the lunches with friends and home baked cookies snowball. Many studies show holiday weight gain is a thing. Avoiding or at least minimizing holiday stress should be the first thing on your list every holiday season.

Let’s look at five ways to stay healthy and relaxed over the holidays.



  • Exercise. Raise your hand if you are one of those who has no time to exercise during the busiest season of the year? If you raised your hand, the next question you should ask yourself is “who has time to get sick over the holidays?” Exercise is vital to staying healthy, especially during stressful times. It’s as easy as finding a tutorial video on YouTube to get your morning off to a good start.


  • Safe Travels. There isn’t much that is more stressful than traveling over the holidays. Being prepared is the key to sanity. Make sure you have the right supplies to keep everyone happy. Pack things like hand sanitizer, things to read, games for the kids, healthy snacks, water (staying hydrated is essential!). Make lists of things you will need depending on if you’re going by plane or car. Planning ahead makes all the difference.


  • Eating Right. When you’re busy and stressed it’s always the easiest thing to grab whatever is fast and easy. That greasy burger and fries never looked more delicious than when you’re running late and have nothing prepared for dinner. What better time to learn about meal prepping? Temptation begone when you have all the right foods on hand that provide your body with the nutrients and energy you need to stay healthy.


  • Rest. The doctors at the urgent care clinic in Los Gatos will tell you that there is nothing more important than getting proper rest during hectic stressful periods. That nap you’ve been too guilty to take is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity. When you run your batteries down you’re more prone to accidents, making bad decisions and just being all around cranky. Nobody wants to be around Mr. or Mrs. Cranky during the holidays!


  • Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. The doctors at the best urgent care center all agree that laughter can do wonderful things to your body. It not only brightens your mood, it releases endorphins, boosts circulation, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles and helps you relax. Watch a funny movie, crack a corny joke or play a silly prank.


Looking for positive and productive ways to stay healthy over the holidays can help reduce so many of the stress related calamities that can happen when we are not focused. With a little planning, you will be able to look forward to stress-free and healthy holidays!