The quality of our sleep depends on the quality of our time before we hop into bed. Winding down properly after an endless stream of tasks might sound harder than it is. Good health relies on a constant sleep routine. That is why people should make time for a wind-down routine for a perfect night’s sleep.

Create a game plan first

Start by devoting some time to the entire winding down process. One activity probably won’t be enough to relax your mind and body. Aim to devote between one to two hours if you can. But, aim for it to be at least one hour. During this time, avoid distractions and limit interruptions.

Aim to be tech-free during this time. Don’t text, talk, swipe or scroll. Things that make your heart race, pump you up or stimulate your body and brain have to be avoided. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fall asleep even when you pull the covers over your head.

For starters – limit tech during wind-down routine

Start your wind-down routine by setting your alarm and putting it away from your reach. Screens emit blue light that stimulates your brain into thinking it’s daytime. This can make it harder to relax and fall asleep later on. Instead of endless social media scrolling, read a book instead.

You can also engage in a bit of coloring while you sit somewhere comfortable. Adult coloring books can help you unplug from social media by doing creative meditation.

Stimulate your senses 

You can reap the benefits of a hot bath and aromatherapy in one activity. This passive activity eases the tension from your body and relaxes the muscles. The hot water can put your muscles at ease thus produce a relaxing sensation throughout. While you soak in a hot bath, you can practice deep breathing and truly improve your mood.

Let your mind wander and take deep breaths to calm yourself. By adding aromatherapy into the mix, you will take everything up a notch. Lavender, sage, valerian, sandalwood or frankincense can encourage better sleep and relieve stress. Spend a maximum of 20 minutes on these activities and move on to the next.

Engage in mind-calming activities…

Right after your hot bath laced with aromatic oils, it is time to engage in some mind-calming activities. You can try meditating for ten minutes. Sit on the floor, position yourself comfortably and focus on slow and focused breathing. This will help calm the racing mind right before going to sleep. You can also write messages to your future self in your journal.

Think of something that made you smile today and write it down. Also, think of how you responded to something. Write a note to yourself in the form of instructions on how to approach the same situation if it happens again. Use this time to reflect on the day that is soon coming to an end.

…and finish with body-calming activities

Once your mind is calm, you can switch the focus to your body. Now you need to try a body-calming activity. A self-massage can lead to better circulation, relaxed muscles and provide muscle relief. The easiest way to achieve the full benefits of self-massage is to have a massage chair. Japanese massage chairs can assist you by gently massaging all points in your body. Not only will you feel better after it, but you will feel great the next day.

During the massage, try taking a mental vacation. Your imagination can take you places in an instant. Just close your eyes and think about a happy place and the way it makes you feel. With some slow music in the background, the massage will calm your nerves, relax your muscles and cause serotonin and melatonin production. These hormones will reduce cortisol, the stress hormone and help you relax.

Shake of daily stress with hot tea

Sipping hot herbal tea right before going to sleep has a similar effect on your body like a hot bath. The hot liquid warms you up on the inside. Aromatic smell stimulates your sense of smell while a herbal blend calms your nerves. Chamomile tea, valerian or any special bedtime tea blend promotes better sleep. Whatever you choose, make sure to drink it regularly so you can truly benefit from these natural sleep remedies during and after your wind-down.

Once you are finally ready to jit the sheets, take a few minutes to air out your room. Fresh air will reduce the temperature of the room, making it an ideal surrounding for sound sleep. For the best results, this wind-down routine should become your daily habit.