We all know that the use of condoms is vital in sexual relations, but sometimes it is normal for you to feel a little lost when choosing. Buying condoms is not just for people with penises; we are all responsible for taking care of our sexual health and being prepared: the responsibility must be shared.

If you want to know how to find the correct size, calm down, you are in the right place. We have prepared a comprehensive guide in which we will try to tell you everything you always wanted to know about condoms and then you can easily buy condoms online

Five useful tips for choosing the right condom

Let’s see together what can be the moves for choosing the perfect condom.

Choose Better Size of Condom

First of all, it is good to know the size of your penis to choose the right size of the condom. A condom that is too small could be challenging to wear or cause circulation or erection problems while a too-large condom could come off. You should know that condoms vary from measures extra small to those Oversized: what changes is the base width that oscillates between 49 mm to 56 condoms of adherent than those Oversized until you get to the 60 mm of XXL condoms. The length, however, although oscillating between 178 mm of classic condoms and adhering to 215 mm of extra-large condoms, does not affect the wearability of the condom.

Understand different kinds of condoms

Some ask for a condom nothing more than protection, without added frills or aromas, some can’t stand the smell of latex and those who hate that annoying sensation of plastic on the skin for a more excellent feeling of naturalness. Making condoms of all kinds: classics for lovers of simplicity, flavoured ones for those who want to give more taste to their sexual intercourse, thin and ultra-thin ones for those looking for a skin-to-skin relationship but do not want to give up safety and protection, resistant ones for the daring of anal penetration, in which the friction is higher than in vaginal intercourse.

Choose Latex-free Condom

Have you tried classic condoms and experienced irritation or burning and itching sensations? Maybe you’re a latex allergy sufferer. Well, don’t worry: you are not the only one and, if it can console you, cases of latex allergy have been increasing in recent years. Once you have ascertained your body’s incompatibility with latex, you have to try latex-free condoms made with alternative materials such as polyurethane, neoprene or polyisoprene, more resistant and therefore thinner than latex ones.

See the budget is available.

Needless to deny it, these days. But if you think that love in times of crisis can be too expensive, it’s time to dispel this myth. Today the offer is so vast that it allows the choice between condoms of the most famous and authoritative brands such as Durex, Control and Akuel, and therefore more expensive, and others of cheaper and lesser-known brands focusing, in any case, on the safety of condoms.

The convenience of choosing condoms from home.

Have you never been able to make all these evaluations because you are embarrassed to have to choose your condoms to escape from prying eyes hastily? Discover all the advantages of buying your condoms online.