Here’s the sad truth!

Those who always claim that they brush their teeth twice a day also end up getting cavities at an early age. Do you know the reason why? Well, they are not using the right technique and this is why brushing twice doesn’t make any sense for them. So, if you too are among those who use to brush twice a day and still have decay or cavities, this article is right for you.

It throws light on some of the major signs that clearly show that you are opting for the wrong brushing technique while resulting in improper teeth cleaning. So, do not miss reading this piece of write-up.

6 Signs That Shows You Are Brushing Your Teeth the Wrong Way

1. Gum Bleeding

Generally, teeth shouldn’t bleed while brushing or flossing. In case, your gums are bleeding while brushing, it is a sign of bad oral health. In such a situation, it is better to consult the dentist as soon as possible. Also, if your gums are swelling or getting too red, then it is also a sign that you might not be brushing the right way or doing it too harsh.

2. Teeth Seems to Be Longer

Using the wrong brushing technique sometimes affects the gums. In most cases, receding gums make the teeth look bigger than others. This might happen due to tooth abrasion. So, you need to be a little careful while brushing and avoid being too aggressive at that time.

3. Bad Breath

It is one of the most obvious signs. If you can smell a bad odour from your mouth all the time, it simply indicates that your oral health is not good and you need to focus more on brushing. Also known as halitosis, bad breath is the early sign of dental problems including gum disease. This happens when you do not brush or floss your teeth properly and allow the bacteria to build-up.

4. White Patches on Teeth

A lot of people have white patches on their teeth and this generally happens due to improper brushing. These white spots indicate that you have weak enamel and a lot of people are unable to see them as the patches are present in between or at the back of the teeth. In such cases, only a dentist can give the best possible solution.

5. Tooth Sensitivity

Finally, one of the major side effects of brushing the wrong way is tooth sensitivity. If you feel sensitivity while eating something too cold or too hot, you might be brushing the wrong way. However, this can also happen due to so many reasons, so it is better to consult your dentist without delaying further. They’ll tell you the right ways to brush your teeth and also recommend the best toothpaste to control sensitivity.

6. Yellow Teeth

A lot of oral issues can contribute to yellow teeth but the most common one is plaque. It starts building up on the teeth and ruins the overall appearance and smile of an individual. This happens due to not following a proper brushing routine and this is where problems occur. So, it is advisable to properly brush your teeth at least twice a day so that none of the food particles remain inside the mouth overnight and your teeth remain fit and healthy for a lifetime.

Simply brushing teeth doesn’t make any sense until and unless it is done the right way. Cavities, decay, and other tooth problems can still develop inside your mouth if your brush does not reach the infected area properly. The aforementioned symptoms are some of the major ones that clearly indicate that you are opting for the wrong brushing technique and need to improve it as soon as possible.

If you do not want your tooth to get eaten away by the plaque, cavity, or decay and avoid tooth filling or any other treatment, it is better to keep on visiting the dentist on time and use the right way to brush your teeth. After that, you are all set to smile with your sparkling white teeth.