Do you not know how to quickly get rid of hickey on your neck? Then read carefully — unwanted signs of love. The most significant and uncontrollable feeling in the Universe is called love; a person engulfed in emotions to the object of his desire for a short time loses the ability to think and perceive the reality surrounding him. Comprehensive love pushes people to violent acts. In the annals of history, such facts were known when love became the cause of open hostility between entire nations. However, a terrible feeling can be the driving force. The greatest pleasure gives a person the ability to move mountains and turn the world; all this is Love. In this article, there are useful recommendations that will help remove the hickey on your neck as quickly as possible.

Once this strong feeling seizes you, you are not able to be distracted by anything else, and love fever covers the body completely, from the crown of the head to the feet. After slightly preening, you will be upset when you discover the unpleasant effects of love passion. This surprise is called a hickey that may be most often on the neck. Such a consequence of love is by nature an internal hematoma, in other words, a bruise without visible damage to the skin. It can appear anywhere – on the chest, neck; everything will depend on the scenario of a love game. Well, if you can not even kiss, then we can tell you how to learn to kiss. And so, how to get rid of a hickey fast if you have it on your neck or chest, as usual, folk remedies will help you.

Folk remedies for hickeys

There are places where such a nuisance can be easily hidden by clothing, but what to do if a hickey on the neck and chest cannot hide. Of course, traces of aspiration can be removed with folk remedies and medical ointments, but this will require a certain amount of time, but how to act when there is no time, and you need to quickly get rid of the aspiration on the neck and chest. Small tricks will help to solve this complex problem. Clothes with a high collar, a sweater, a scarf, a pipe, a scarf, hair strands, a tonal basis – these are simple tricks that will help restore confidence in your situation and get rid of hickeys on your neck. A man will be able to hide such undesirable problems under a wound, which seems to be caused by a razor and treated with a plaster.

One of the most radical ways to get rid of hacking is to dress a medical device like a Schantz collar on the neck. However, it will take some material costs and good excuses when you walk in it. Excellent help to solve the problem of hickey on the body of a modern way of tanning, such as tanning in a tanning salon (how to tan in a tanning salon correctly), it will help to hide an unnecessary incident in one skin tone. Modern pharmacology offers a sufficient range of ointments that remove traces of bruises on the body. Ointment transovezin, lotion, and other means by heparin. Such drugs contribute to the resorption of hematomas. There are also proven folk remedies for the rapid removal of suction on your body, whether it be the neck or the shred.

How to remove hickey on chest, neck

Immediately after the formation of a hickey, applying snow, ice and another cold effectively help. After all, professional athletes eliminate hematomas by the method of freezing. But such a decision has negative consequences. It is entirely possible to catch a cold at the same time as a neck; exposure to cold on the chest not recommended. How quickly get rid of the hickey, remove it on the neck worries many, will effectively apply natural folk remedies, such as garlic and onions. It is recommended to treat the aspirated area with onion juice or garlic cloves, the result will befavourablee, although there are still negative sides. A rubbed spot can get irritated, and the main disadvantage is the strong smell that is present after the procedure. Often, hickeys on the body appear as a result of unpredictable strong and passionate kisses, so you need to be able to kiss properly, and there will be no such problems and minor troubles.

Remove the suction from the chest

An effective way to help get rid of suction from the breast, to remove it – is to attach the toothpaste in place of the hematoma. The active ingredients in the paste quickly remove the hickey from the chest. You can also help solve the problem with improvised means, make a compress from simple baking soda. You need to prepare a thick gruel of water and baking soda and treat the problem area.

Iodine to remove the hickey on the body

As usual, iodine helps well in solving such problems. With it, a mesh is drawn, which resolves a bruise, a hickey on the neck or chest and at the same time masks the flaw. The procedure is essential to perform carefully, so as not to burn the skin. If you have a healing aloe plant growing in your home, it is useful in this situation. It is necessary to prepare from the fresh leaves of scarlet and alcohol extract, which should be used as a lotion. This procedure helps to quickly eliminate the unpleasant signs of passionate passion on the skin.

Remove bruises with potatoes

One of the oldest methods of removing hickeys on the chest and neck is the treatment of the affected area with strips of sliced potatoes. It is recommended to replace slices of potatoes with fresh ones after 30 minutes. This effective method also helped the hussars. In the spring and summer, common plantain will help to solve the problem. It is necessary to collect the leaves, coarsely chop them and apply to the place of hicking. Repeat the procedure several times. This method gives a positive result when eliminating hickey.

Cabbage leaves from hickeys on the body

From garden plants perfectly suck up the bruises of aspirated cabbage leaves. Cabbage recognize as the most effective way to eliminate inflammation and wounds. So it is possible to reduce not only the bruise but also the consequences of passionate suction on the neck. It is necessary to apply cabbage leaves to the hematoma site so that you can get rid of the effects of hicking reasonably quickly. Well proven when removing hematomas compress from vinegar. To this end, vinegar is diluted in water in a ratio of 1/3 and superimposed on a short time. The negative side of this procedure will be a sharp acetic odor.

Rubbing and massage

In conclusion, another simple way, if you have a hickey on your neck or chest. Maybe helpful in eliminating signs of rapid manifestation of love, light rubbing and massage of the damaged area of the skin. Do not overdo it, the movements should be very light, so as not to get the opposite effect and the bruise from the sucked neck or chest increase. Do not forget – these unpleasant signs turned out under the influence of a beautiful feeling. And now you can quickly and know how to get rid of suction on the neck and chest quickly, using traditional remedies for the treatment and masking of a bruise.

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