Breast Cancer is common among women from all around the world. Even though one can’t help in avoiding any such condition and would require breast cancer treatment, one can surely be educated more about it and at least try to prevent it. Also, it will be good for the patient if Breast Cancer can be detected in the early stages. Now before we get started on symptoms and self- examination of breast cancer here’s a simple definition of Breast Cancer:

“Breast Cancer is the formation of a lump or abnormal growth of breast cells.”

Symptoms of Breast Cancer :

If you are showing any of the below symptoms, it may be a case that you are suffering from breast cancer. However, there is no need to panic as a breast cancer treatment is now easily available:

  • Swelling / Redness in any of the breasts
  • A visible change in shape or size of any one breast or both
  • Deformation or other changes in the nipples
  • Pain in breasts
  • Presence of lumps in or around the breast area
  • Frequent itching in the breasts
  • Peeling of the nipple skin

Breast Cancer self-examination steps:

To self-examine, oneself for breast cancer is an easy task and women should follow the below procedure every month to check for any signs of breast cancer. It is also advised that this examination is performed on the same day one’s periods(menopause) are over:


  • Visual Examination:

The first step involves a visual examination. All you need to do is stand in front of the mirror with hands placed over the waist and then look out for any differences in either or both breasts. These changes may be visible as:

  • Shape, size, the texture of the breast(s) is normal(unchanged)
  • No swelling visible
  • Any changes in the nipple skin
  • An inverted nipple (nipple pulled inwards)

Once you are done with the visual testing, then comes the next step wherein you have to feel your breast with your hand and check out for signs of breast cancer. Here’s how it is done:


  • Examining closely using hands:


Now there are two ways to examine this, you can either stand straight or lie down straight with your breasts facing upwards. 

  • Use your fingers to check out for the presence of any lumps in and near the breast area
  • Swirl your fingers around the nipple area and see if you find any changes in the nipple texture
  • Check out for any peeling skin
  • Raise your hands and check out for any swelling or pain near the armpits as breast tissues extend their too 
  • Check out for any swelling or pain in nipples or breast
  • Check out for inverted breasts

So these were some simple tips women should try to practice once every month as it will help them learn about their breast cancer status in the early days itself which is a very important factor when treating cancer. Moreover, one should not panic if they notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, instead, they should consult a doctor first since medical treatment in India and all around the world is effective in breast cancer treatment.   


One fact every woman should know is that they shouldn’t feel awkward to discuss Breast Cancer with their families and friends and it is perfectly okay to conduct self-examination. Even though breast cancer medical treatment in India and all around the world is possible, it is no shame to explore oneself 

It is advisable for women of all age groups to perform self-examination of their breasts so that they are well aware during the early stages itself. When detected in the early stages, Breast Cancer is quite treatable.