2020 has brought some immense challenges and changes to our loves. If you never thought you’d be working from home, the reality has probably changed your opinion. Many people across the world have taken their work from the office to their home. Since you’ve probably got used to the new work routine, now’s the time to talk about staying healthy during your work-from-home experience.

Start your day with breakfast

If your morning routine usually consists of waking up, getting ready in 15 minutes and leaving the apartment to catch the bus, now you can revisit this routine. Since you don’t have to spend 30 to 45 minutes commuting every morning you can use this extra time to prepare a proper breakfast. Eggs or protein-rich smoothies are ideal if you want to fuel your day for maximum productivity. If you have some extra time in the morning, you can figure out a meal plan for the day.

Set a daily schedule and stick to it

Respect your working hours even when you work at home. This means that you need to start your work early in the morning, just like you would usually do. Also, you need to log off when the work hours end. When you respect your daily schedule, you also prioritize your mental health. Work shouldn’t overlap with your personal life when you work from home. Keep up with the schedule so that you can be productive, efficient and stress-free. 

Implement the Pomodoro technique for energy renewal

Learn how to time block by implementing the Pomodoro technique. Basically, you work for 25 minutes and take a break for five minutes and repeat the cycle. Work for a certain period of time and take a break. Since the main issue with working from home or staying home during the pandemic is the lack of activity, you can infuse your day with different exercises. When the 25-minutes of focused work runs out, use the following 5 minutes to exercise. Squats, lunges, chair dips, planks, hip thrusts, and other bodyweight exercises can all fit into these 5-minute breaks. You will increase the amount of daily activity and also reduce the negative effects of sitting a lot.

Fuel your day right

Starting your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast is a must. Eating healthy throughout the day is essential as well. Focus on fueling your day right with proper lunch, dinner and healthy snacks in between. Remember to take a regular lunch break and eat while you sit at a table. If you have a balcony, take your lunch outside and soak up on some sun and replenish your vitamin D deposits. Our diet is one of the pillars of true health. It will strengthen your immune system as well and maintain your health in the long run.

Take care of your physical health 

Even though you’ll intertwine your working hours with short bursts of physical activity, you still need to schedule regular workouts. Working out at home has the same effects as exercising anywhere else. The fact that you can’t exercise at a fitness center, doesn’t mean that you should ditch exercising altogether. Fitness trainers have taken their workouts online. You can find a lot of different exercise routines on Instagram and even join them while they broadcast their workouts Live. 

One of the downsides of spending so much time at home is also our sedentary behavior. This can trigger other health concerns like backache, neck ache, stiffness, tight hips, and chronic pain. Since you can go to the nearest physiotherapist and get the proper treatment, you can rely on telehealth and receive the help you need online. 

Clock out and unwind every evening

Since the current situation can be the reason why we feel overly anxious and stressed, we have to engage in proper soothing rituals. When you finish with your work, your daily responsibilities, finish your workout, you need to clock out. When you clock out you basically leave time for activities that are beneficial for your mental health and wellness. Read, meditate, watch TV, hang out on your balcony, sing, knit, just do whatever soothes your spirit. Engage in self-care in order to keep your sanity, relax, reduce stress and recharge for the day ahead.

People can keep their health and wellness in check with a bit of structure in theri day even when they work from home. Take care of your body, health, mind, stay connected and relax properly every day.