Today, many western doctors are recommend patients to try Yoga for physical fitness, reduction of unwanted symptoms, and increase in stamina and weight loss. According to Yoga, your wellbeing relies on the spine. Why are doctors rooting for Yoga? Here are the top five reasons to why you should be trying Yoga for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Inner peace

Every known psychological problems start with lack of inner peace. As an individual transitions through barriers; both physical and emotional in his life, he is stressed out. Yoga helps to find that inner peace and attain enlightenment. With regular practice of Yoga, there is a reduction in mood swings, increase in self-satisfaction, clear mind, and increased memory and so on.


How to stay healthy? You need to have a better immune system, which would help you fight against foreign bodies and infections. There is no point in popping medicines for the problems, when your immune system is itself weak. With Yoga, it is said that there will be a considerable increase in your immune system’s capacity. Thereby, with regular practice of Yoga, you can reduce the frequency of many body ailments and infections.

Chronic problems

Many chronic medical problems like hypothyroidism, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, PCOD and others are claimed to be bettered with Yoga. Any medical ailment, which is caused by change in metabolism or hormonal change, can be regulated with Yoga. In better terms, Yoga makes your body healthier to fight diseases.

Better flexibility

You would be moving and stretching a lot. This would help to increase your flexibility, which would also aid in weight loss. You would be training muscles, which you never knew you had. With regular practice in Yoga, you get to be more flexible and fit. With better flexibility, you will be experiencing strengthened bones. This will help to prevent or reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It is also said that Yoga can increase bone density in the vertebrae. Thus, senior citizens and new moms must try Yoga for their bone health.

Better blood flow

Many ailments arise due to reduced blood flow. With decrease in blood flow, your organs are deprived of oxygen. The consequences can range from chronic tiredness to death of organs. With twisting and stretching of body parts and by providing pressure by inverted poses, you will be increasing your blood flow.

Uplifting an individual spiritually, emotionally and betterment in health are just the cream benefits of Yoga. Yoga indirectly helps in several ways of life starting from betterment of posture to increased analytical skills. Are you ready to try Yoga? you can also try some yoga trips to makes you refresh.