Unfortunately, some people might develop brain cancer, a deadly disease whose very term is likely to send shivers through the spines of anyone hearing it. Even in today’s advanced medical age, no known cause has been identified about this disease. However, researchers have found that it is not contagious and is not contracted because of any head injury. Few instances are there where cancer in the brain has been spread from the other body parts like liver cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer, etc. Consulting the top brain doctor in India will help to derive the best possible medication.

Who can contract this disease?

People of all ages may develop this ailment. According to studies, the two major age segments which are affected are 3-12 & 40-70. Also, those employed with specific industries are found to be at much higher risk of contracting brain cancer when compared to those in the other industries. It includes oil refining, drug manufacturing and rubber manufacturing, etc. Heredity is also believed to be another cause for the development of brain cancer.

The brain has different types of cells in it, with each playing different unique function. At times, the brain cells tend to grow uncontrollably, thereby leading to the development of tumor, which could probably be malignant, in case, the tumour stays benign. With time, it might grow huge, thereby placing pressure upon the crucial areas. However, a malignant brain tumor can spread, thus causing brain cancer, which is really life-threatening. This is because the cancerous cells tend to interrupt the main brain functions. As there occurs brain cancer, the cells start to grow, but at a very rapid pace. The tissues and cells surrounding the cancerous cells invade and crowd the place.

Brain Cancer Symptoms

Brain cancer comes with several symptoms like severe headaches during the mornings, abnormal eye movements, change in personality, weakness experienced in the legs and arms, drowsiness, nausea and seizures, etc.

The treatment for this type of ailment during the primary stage is surgical remedy. If the cancer has spread to brain, then chemotherapy and radiation therapy is used. The qualified is likely to use any or combination of such treatments, which again depends upon the patient’s specific health needs.

Signs of having contracted brain cancer

Abnormal cell growth in the brain characterizes brain cancer. However, this growth might develop at any place in the body and can be either malignant or benign. Benign tumor in layman terms is considered to be a cell mass which at specific position is centralized and does not spread. But, malignant tumor tends to spread as well as affect the other body parts. Tumors which get spread are termed as cancer. At times, the brain cell loses its natural abilities and start to divide abnormally, thereby causing cancer. Similar to other cancer types, it can be a real challenge to pinpoint the exact reason for the occurrence of brain cancer. It is only early diagnosing combined with early intervention that can help to treat the disease.

The different brain parts include the parietal lobe, frontal lobe, cerebellum, temporal lobe, meninges, occipital lobe, brain stem, spinal cord and nerves. The symptoms noticed in occurrence of brain cancer tend to differ, which is based upon the tumor’s location. This is because, each and every portion of the brain is stated to be responsible to carry out specific ability or tasks. For instance, tumor taking place in the frontal lobe is likely to affect the individual’s moods and personality, while tumor occurring within the occipital lobe can have direct effect upon the vision.

Three major signs indicating brain cancer

  • Fits or seizures: As tumor takes place in the brain’s specific part, then it may affect the nerves in the region. Hence, there is likely to be faced some serious to slight twitches or jerks to the different body parts.
  • Headache: If severe pain is experienced in the head during the mornings, immediately after getting up from bed, then brain scan is definitely necessary. With time, its severity and frequency might progress and accompanied by sickness and fatigue.
  • Drowsiness: Brain fatigue may be the result of this growing tumor making the person to feel lethargic and sleepy all the time.

Whatever be the symptom, it is necessary to consult the best brain doctor in india without any further delay to get on-time treatment.