Laser Spine Surgery: A Definitive Guide

Laser Spine Surgery

One of the most important surgical procedures conducted on patients is the laser spine surgery which is regarded to be the latest surgical development. Any operative procedure can be now made minimally invasive and achieve success. New techniques have been created which requires creation of tiny incisions via which there is passed an endoscope and the serious tissues get burned away using laser. Such procedures when compared to the bigger ones cause less injury in the patients and also minimal blood loss. Hence, minimal invasive spinal surgeries are fast becoming commonly availed by patients all over the world and much more efficient. This is because of the introduction of several modern techniques and equipment. Laser back surgery has been technically stated as laser endoscopic or minimally invasive or laser spine surgery. The best spine surgeon in mumbai will discuss the procedure and ensure that it is a success.

How the procedure is conducted?

Laser spine surgical procedure requires creating a cut of about ¼” to 3/4” when compared to a cut form a scalpel. This does offer numerous advantages, although several types of such operative treatment are found identical to meet therapeutic objectives to numerous major spinal operations. Unlike the major spine surgical procedure, laser spine surgery does not require using of anaesthesia on the patient. The patient during the procedure is under conscious sedation or ‘twilight sleep’ as it is termed. He/she is not likely to experience any kind of pain, but still is fully awake to respond to the questions posed by the surgeon and find relief from it. Anaesthesia to ensure conscious sedation is offered through percutaneous injection.

Rather than cutting extensively the affected region that is generally noticed in major invasive surgical procedures, laser spine surgery tends to spread the soft tissue and the muscles. Since blood vessels cut are cauterized promptly, it becomes possible to avoid blood loss. Such aspects do ensure quicker recovery time, allowing the patient to lead a normal life in couple of weeks or so. After six weeks, the patient is good enough to resume work and also live without any restrictions on movement.

Spine surgery for obese patients

It is just a few who require postoperative pain medicines and obese patients these days can avail spine surgical procedures without any hassle. Few doctors are said to conduct the surgical procedure in outpatient setting. But care should be taken to ensure to check out if the doctor and the hospital specialize in such type of procedures. This is because, not all of the hospitals might be prepared to perform certain endoscopic spinal surgical procedures. It is only the competent specialists employed in a facility that boasts of having modern medical equipment and specialized gadgets, who can provide endoscopic spine surgery. The best centre is one which offers wide range of spinal surgery treatment options.

What type of endoscopic procedures is performed by the best spine surgeons?

Given below are few of the endoscopic procedures which are performed by the qualified and talented spine surgeons on the patients, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Foraminoplasty: Foramenal stenosis procedure helps to increase intervertebral foramen size.
  • Foraminotomy: It is the excision of intervertebral foramen top.
  • Discectomy
  • Laminotomy: It is considered to be a portion of the lamina within the vertebral arch that is excised at the time of the operation to provide relief to the damaged nerve root or spinal cord.
  • Facetectomy: The vertebra’s articular facet is excised while performing the procedure.
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Corpectomy: It is the extraction of vertebral body.
  • Facet joint surgery
  • Laminoforaminoplasty: It is a methodology to avoid deeper impingement upon the nerves while bone gets extracted for modifying the foramen and lamina.
  • Spinal fusion alternatives
  • Sacroiliac joint surgery
  • Ligament injury surgery
  • Thoracic discectomy
  • Endoscopic hardware excision

There are different types of studies and researches conducted on laser spine surgeries and its different types to ensure improvement of patients’ health and providing them with permanent remedy from their ailments.

According to the medical experts, laser spine surgery is termed as the ‘gold standard’ to provide surgical remedy for back pain, cervical disc herniation, thoracic, lumbar region with radicular symptoms.

Consulting the best spine surgeon in mumbai is sure to offer the best available remedy.