Being ill is always a bad thing, and no one would want to experience falling ill since it drains out all the energy in them, making them weak and unable to work. People often take preventive measures to secure themselves from dengue or malaria and such diseases that are very prominent and highlighted. Water is a necessity for human survival. It also is home to various diseases when it is contaminated. It is home to various diseases that could be dangerous for your health. One such disease that most people are not aware of, but are prone to it is legionellosis. This disease gets caused by the legionella bacteria present in water. Legionnaire’s disease is a more potent version of pneumonia. Its primary infection is lung inflammation.

The legionnaire’s disease cannot be transmitted from person to person; instead, most people tend to get legionnaires from inhaling or drinking the water in which the bacteria is present. People with weak immune systems are susceptible to this disease and also individuals who are smokers. This disease can leave a person immobile and render him bedridden for weeks. Legionella bacterium causes Pontiac fever that resembles the illness of flu but drains your energy even faster. However, untreated legionellosis could be fatal and harmful. It is very essential to understand the ways to prevent yourself from getting this disease.

One way to do this is by getting legionella water treatment services. These services test the water that has legionella bacteria in them and conducts treatments that kill these bacteria. It allows you to protect yourself from this harmful disease that might cause troubles even after your recovery.

The legionnaire’s disease could be identified in two to ten days after you get exposed to legionella bacteria. It is very important to treat this disease quickly and to do so, you must know what the symptoms of it are. These can include:

✓Muscle pain
✓High fever around 104 For even higher

By the second or third day, you would develop other symptoms that show you that this disease is acting up. These may include –

✓Cough with mucus or even blood sometimes
✓Chest pain
✓Shortness of breath
✓Gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea
✓Other mental changes or confusions

Some of these symptoms might seem normal or casual at first but are extremely dangerous, especially if they turn out to be legionnaire’s disease. You must remain cautious of the presence of legionella bacteria in your water and find ways to prevent it from spreading.

In the outdoors, legionella bacteria can survive in the soil and water, but can rarely cause infections and thus, is not as dangerous. On the other hand, the Legionella bacteria present in the in indoors could multiple in all kinds of places such as hot tubs, air conditioners or mist sprayers. This is the main cause of spreading the legionnaire’s disease in your household. Getting legionella water treatment is the first step in getting rid of this disease and the potential threat it poses to your lifestyle.