For students, admission in a college or university of their choice can be a matter of life and death really. And when it comes to a professional degree like medicine or engineering, the stakes are really high. We all have passed through situations like these and this blog is for students who are about to undergo any scenario like this by applying to a med school. There are many things you need to understand here, and I’ll try to offer students some food for thought here.

Many students look for rankings and reputation before applying for a med school. Even if some of your friends have applied for a med school which is just about average and lists very low in the rankings, don’t fret. But when you ask them later, deep down in their subconscious they longed for getting admission in one of the top schools in their city or region. I’ll try to focus this blog on students looking to take admission in the Caribbean region.

Med School Rankings: What You Really Need to Know

There are a number of things that you need to know here with respect to a medical school the Caribbean like Windsor University School of Medicine. It is a known fact that even students residing in the Caribbean region look for admission in a prestigious and top-ranked med school in the Caribbean. But we all also know that getting into such med schools is not easy. Even the process takes months to complete as that’s where many students give up their intention to apply for such med schools.

If you will just look at the website for most of the websites of any med school in the Caribbean, you will notice the ease of acceptance, especially for foreign students, and a smoother admission process. Even the average MCAT and GPA is also a bit lower for med schools in the Caribbean. But this state and others make many students think that only the top-ranked med schools are good and the rest, out of top 10, are mediocre and just not up to the standard.

Let me shed some more light on this aspect and how need to go about this process.

Quick Admission in a Med School

The heading says it all. There are a number of students who want to take admission in a med school and want the admission process to be real quick. They simply don’t understand that admission for a med school or any other professional degree awarding colleges and universities isn’t like any other ordinary admission process. The admission committee needs to consider many aspects so that they can choose a candidate.

Many students still look to expedite the admission process somehow and that’s why there are a number of students who opt out of the admission process in a med school based in US or Canada and focus on a med school in the Caribbean. While there is no guarantee that they simply go for any school here and Caribbean medical school rankings are simply not in their minds. We are all humans and it’s in our psyche that we always go for the best, so rankings are always in their subconscious. 

What you Need to Know About Med Schools Admission

There are many things that you need to know here apart for rankings. Surely rankings matter a lot as we all look for the best company in a category when we buy anything, be it a pizza, a pair of jeans or a car. So, in spite of everything we do to forget this and keep this out of our mind, as discussed above, its in our subconscious. So, students need to think about other benefits they can get by getting the admission in a med school, located in the Caribbean region, and not amongst the top ones.

If you want to know about some of the best aspects here that can make a student go for a med school that is not top ranked, one of them is the admission fee. It is an important aspect, nonetheless, and for hundreds of thousands of students not able to pay the exorbitant fees of top med schools in the Caribbean region, it is a blessing to say least. A reasonable admission fee can be like a pleasant surprise for students looking for a smooth admission process and fee structure that can match their budget.

Students looking at just the fee structure can have a sigh of relief as there are many students who even can’t afford to take the loan for med schools having a fee structure which is 5-10 times that of an average med school in the Caribbean. That’s why students check out the accreditation of a med school, other facilities that are offered by most med schools and decide to go for the med school.

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