Advancements in medical science and advanced technology, combined with easy movement from one part of the world to the other has helped people to get access to the latest treatment necessary for escaping or doing away with their health issues. Medical Tourism in India is increasing at a fast pace, since the last decade. The emergence of numerous hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, and the like combined with enhanced medical facilities has only helped patients to get proper treatment. Furthermore, Indian doctors are well known across the globe, for their sincerity, dedication, intelligence, qualification and exposure to western medicine and treatment procedures. A good number of doctors have returned from western countries to pursue their remaining career in their motherland India.

The popularity of medical tourism

It is stated to be a relative term used for bigger scenario and is rather an age-old practice which over the years has evolved to a higher level. It has been allowing people to get access to superior quality medications, surgical remedies and healthcare facilities, but at many affordable rates. It is a known fact that the United States and the European countries are popular for their advanced medical technology. At the same time, they are very expensive and beyond the means of many patients. Also, not all medical procedures are insured by the insurance companies, which means, the person has to bear part or all the expenses related to the procedure undertaken. This is what has compelled people to look forward to visiting a developing country where they can get complete treatment.

Cure at affordable rates

Health issues have been termed to be the flagship for any medical tourism. Patients in thousands are found to visit India to find relief and cure to their long-standing health problems. People from the western countries, both natives and the NRIs (Non-resident Indians) have found out that visiting a developing country like India is beneficial for them to get advanced medical treatment. This country does boast of having learned doctors, specialists in various domains, facilities, advanced medical equipment, and the like. Patients who have come to the country for treatment have enjoyed successful remedy and have given positive reviews of their leading a happy, normal life.

Their returning back to their native country in good health minus the disease shows very clearly the hospitals and doctors in India are quite serious about the services provided by them. Also, the services and treatments offered here are undoubtedly very competitive and more reasonable when compared to developed foreign countries. The country has also been doing its best to boost this form of tourism by increasing its medical infrastructure and providing good education to future aspiring doctors and nurses. The highly qualified staffs and doctors are well trained to take care of their patients and to attend to their specific requirements as well as in providing hospitality services.

Treatments provided

There are different types of minor and major treatments and surgeries conducted here in India, including those which are generally out of the purview of insurance policies. The procedures that were once very expensive is now found to be affordable when availed in the country, including medications. Medical tourism can be said to be transcending new heights. The latest medical equipment also allows treating medical conditions like hair transplants, plastic surgeries, non-emergency cardiovascular issues, cancer, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, telesurgery and dental prosthesis, etc. The list of medical procedures offered is simply endless.

Medical Tourism in India as it is found strives to provide patients with both western and eastern medical approaches. It is for this reason that patients in huge numbers and from all over the world flock to this country to avail proper and on-time treatment to their medical issues. The prompt, proper and quality services are what has been alluring patients, the world over to visit here. The hospitals here are devoid of illicit practice and hence, the patient does not have to worry about becoming a victim of malpractice. Hence, procedures like plastic surgeries such as facelift, knee joint or hip joint replacement or liposuction along with kidney transplant and cardiovascular diseases can be availed without any worry of huge costs involved or poor quality services derived.