Ladies don’t consider it weird to tattoo their eyebrows. If you’ve ever venerated the look of a lady because of her eyebrows which look so perfect, have you asked yourself the sole reason behind her perfect look? With advances in technology, everything has been made simple; where a lady can easily microblade.  What exactly is microblading? John from killerfitathletics shares his thought.

Microblading is a tattooing technique whereby a small tool made of several tiny needles is used to add pigment to the upper skin of the eyes (the eyebrows). Microblading is done with a hand-held tool that looks like an X-ACTO knife made of needles. It is believed to create the desired fullness, beauty, and shape of the eyebrows. However, this technique only lasts for 12 months after which the pigment fades away leaving the natural eyebrows the way they were.  If it’s done properly, it’s extremely difficult to tell the real brows from the ones that have been ‘drawn on’.

So for those with thin or without eyebrows, this semi-permanent fill might be a very good option for you.

However, here is what you need to know about this new trend; the fact, the cost and the risks associated with it.

Facts about Microblading

Microblading the skin involves using a hand-held tool containing tiny needles to get your eyebrows well fixed and bring out the beauty in you. While you may feel comfortable getting the eyes tattooed, there are possibilities of getting infected if the eyebrows are fixed by untrained individuals and at locations that seem unsanitary. Stay out of the sun because UV rays are the number cause for fading more quickly.

The longevity is determined by the aftercare. After is extremely paramount to take care of the looks of the brows so that they do not fade and to stay healthy. You must care for your skin and avoid infections. Even if you follow up the aftercare procedures, microlading will definitely fade since it’s a semi-permanent procedure.

Microblading is virtually painless because a topical numbing cream is applied to the eyebrows and a liquid is given to minimize discomfort. The esthetician, a microblading technician makes accurate strokes to create your killer eyebrows. The technique usually lasts for 1-2 to complete. And it takes approximately, 7-14 weeks to heal and for the color of the brows to fully set in. Furthermore, you need to have the area microbladed wet up to 10 days. And this entails that the face must be kept out of the reach of water during shower.

What does it cost to Microblade?

Remember that the quality of the eyebrows depends solely on the quality of the job done. This means that you must choose a skilled esthetician for your microblading; don’t choose an inexperienced or under-skilled individual to get your eyebrows microbladed. Depending on your location, microblading costs around $300-700.

Risks Associated with Microblading

All procedures involving cosmetics which include microblading have possible risks associated with them. This is one thing you must understand. Therefore, it’s paramount you know the risks associated with microblading before undergoing the procedure. So, let’s discuss the risks of microblading.

Since microblading involves the breaking of the skin, there is a serious risk of transmitting infectious diseases which may include bacterial skin infections. If the tools the esthetician is using are unsterilized, there is also the possibility of getting infected by bacteria. After you get the eyebrows fixed, you can’t wash your face properly for a week.

However, there are those who shouldn’t microblade. These are termed ‘non-suitable candidates’ for microblading. There are conditions that warrant that they avoid microblading. Do not microblade if you:

  • Are using high-risk treatments for acne
  • Are suffering from severe skin allergies
  • Are currently undergoing chemotherapy
  • Have had chemicals pills in the last three months
  • Are a diabetic patient
  • Have severe health conditions