Rhinoplasty or nose surgery, also known as nose job, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. It involves a cosmetic surgeon reshaping the tissues, cartilage and bones in the nose for altering its proportions and to enhance the facial appearance. Though the procedure is performed mainly for cosmetic reasons, it can also correct defects in the nose that can impair breathing. When it is performed as a cosmetic procedure, chances are that your health insurance will not cover it, thus it really pays to spend time in doing research to find out about the nose plastic surgery cost.

Before proceeding to the cost of the nose surgery, it is important to know who the right candidate for this procedure is. Patients experiencing one or more of the following conditions may consider undergoing this surgery.

  • Nasal Width–A nose that is either too narrow or too wide.
  • Post-traumatic difficulties – Shape aberrations after nose surgery.
  • Dorsal hump – A bump that is present at the bridge of the nose.
  • Prominent nasal tip – A nasal tip that is fatty, round, bulbous or disproportionate to the rest of the facial features.
  • Nasal airway problems – Septal deviation and internal valve collapse
  • Asymmetry – a nose that is deviated or twisted
  • Drooping nasal tip – The angle between the lower nose and the upper lip is less than 90 degrees.

There are several other primary factors that determine the ideal candidacy including emotional maturity (patients have a thorough understanding of risks, implications and purpose of the surgery), nasal maturity (if the nose has reached maturity – usually above 15 years of age), absence of body dysmorphia and have realistic expectations (understanding both limitations and goals of the procedure).

The last thing that patients experience is coping with the rhinoplasty. We all experience body dysmorphia to an extent, however, some patients cross the normal spectrum. It is your chosen cosmetic surgeon who will help you in making the right decision.

Nose Plastic Surgery Cost

The cost of nose surgery depends on several factors. When you choose to undergo this cosmetic procedure in India then you can be assured of paying only a fraction of what you would be paying in a western country. The national capital of India, New Delhi, is home to some of the most renowned and popular cosmetic surgeons. While there are expenses that include prescription medications, medical tests and surgery garments, here is a breakdown of nose surgery cost.

Experience of the surgeon

A cosmetic surgeon with years of experience and an outstanding reputation and excellent training would typically charge more compared to a less experienced or renowned practitioner. However, many patients are willing to shell out additional cost, since an experienced and a board-certified surgeon be more likely to provide the desired outcomes.

Geographic location

Like most services and goods, the cost of plastic surgery procedures also varies by location. Typically, nose surgery will cost high in metropolis than in a small town. However, always go by the repute of the doctor when considering a plastic surgery procedure.

Surgical Facilities

If the plastic surgeon you choose does not have his own surgical facility then he will perform the procedure at a hospital. These locations charge separate fess that usually depend on equipment, reputation and location. Yet again, there are many patients who are willing to pay high costs to enjoy greater comfort and safety.


Nose surgery can be done under IV sedation or general anesthesia, and the type that a surgeon recommends would affect the overall cost of the treatment. In addition, like plastic surgeons, anesthesiologist charge different fees, usually in correlation to reputation and experience.

Care needed during recovery

Even though it is often not given much attention, it can make a difference to the treatment cost. After nose surgery, patients might need follow-up care or certain medications. These might impact the final cost of the treatment. Make sure you discuss the same with the cosmetic surgeon in India.

It is important for patients to know that anesthesia fees, facility costs and post-surgery care are not always included in the initial estimate of the treatment. To get the most accurate nose plastic surgery cost, you should discuss everything with the doctor.

While second surgery is not always discussed, it can really create a dent in your pocket. In some cases, patients have to undergo second surgery to achieve the desired look.  To minimize the peril of undergoing a second surgery, make sure that the surgeon is aware of your expectations.