Most of the population are dissatisfied with their looks. This can be of different types like it can be from being dark skinned or the nose and lips not being proper.  Also, there might be deformities that have occurred by some unwanted accidents and in some cases, they are by birth.  This is the point when plastic surgery comes to rescue.


Egypt is the motherland of plastic surgery. It is recorded that a medical text called the Edwin Smith Papyrus, has the first description of the process of plastic surgery as stated by its transcriptions.

Rhinoplasties, a form of plastic surgery was discovered in ancient India.  From which,  people of the Western countries took inspiration and developed the technique in a more modern form.

Modern twist

Sir Harold Gillies, gave the technique of plastic surgery modernized form.  His purpose was to solve the soldiers of the First World War, as many of them got badly injured and developed facial deformities which could have only been corrected through plastic surgery. Eventually, he was considered by most of the world as the Father of Plastic Surgery.

Basic ideas

  • Primarily, plastic surgery is the process of transferring skin tissue from one part of the body to another.
  • It needs to be done only under super expert medical supervision. If anything goes wrong during the surgery, it becomes almost irreparable.
  • The process of transplantation of tissues or cells is divided into various categories based on there process and source. They are Allografts, Xenografts, and Autografts.


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

This kind of plastic surgery is done for the patients who have suffered birthmarks fractures of the facial bones which have resulted in the disfigurement of the face. Using the same process many tumors and unwanted growth on the external part of the body are removed. The reshaping of the breasts is also done by following the same procedure.

Risk Factor

Any kind of surgical process consists of a certain amount of risk.

Some of the very common and expected side effects that can occur from plastic surgery are –

  • Hematoma or blood clotting on the surface of the skin
  • Various kinds of skin irritations and allergies
  • Severe infections of in some cases damage of the nerves.
  • Small breast implants are considered as one of the most complicated surgeries which consist a lot of difficulties and complications

Psychological problems- plastic surgery is getting publicity by day due to the high expectations of becoming more beautiful by shedding of the natural imperfections.  By seeing lots and lots of transformation videos due to plastic surgeries getting the viral name the social platform more and more people are getting convinced of consulting adjective for getting one done.

But the bitter truth is, many researchers have recorded that plastic surgery can even cause a lot of psychological disorders. Many people get very much crazy about plastic surgery and he starts thinking that they have many floors in their body. Does the mental health of a person gets disturbed?


Dr.  GEORGE M. Varakarakis is a renowned plastic surgeon. For those who are planning to go for a surgery may consider him as a great option because of his skills and experience for long years. He himself stated that what gives him pleasure is the smile that appears on his patients face after he or she looks in the mirror.

Plastic surgeries can be tricky and complicated, so only go for Oman if you are 100% sure about what you want and have found the proper medical guidance which will give you support during the surgery.