Yoga has been a part of the Indian culture for more than 5000 years, and now, the knowledge of this powerful method of improving your immunity, skin, and general well-being of individuals. It is known for its strength-building abilities along with its positive impact on releasing stress. Body movement is exceptionally therapeutic and medicinal for the body. It allows your body to detoxify all sorts of unwanted elements from the body, which can harm the body. Besides that, yoga is also said to improve blood circulation, enhance breathing capacity, and make the movement of joints and muscles more flexible. It has been found that yoga dramatically enhances skin health and rejuvenates it.

With the world shutting down entirely due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and people spending most of their time at home during the quarantine, people have not had enough time to go to gyms and take extra care of their health. Many people have resorted to working out at their respective homes. Yoga has been a game-changer for many during the lockdown, and it has been a way for people to release stress, work on their immunity and improve their overall health.

Not only does it rejuvenate the physical body, but it also dramatically impacts the mental and emotional aspects. There are various asanas or positions in yoga that can help you work on multiple parts of the body.

Here we are going to discuss the impact that yoga can have in improving the skin quality of a person:

  1. Breathing Exercises 

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and your back straight and take a few deep breaths. Breathe deeply with both of your nostrils and hold your breath. After a few seconds, release your breath as sharply as you can. The breath is the currency of life, and with conscious breathing for even a short duration of 5 minutes, you will see the impact on your overall health, and you will have glowing skin.

  1. Bow Pose or Dhanurasana

This pose will directly impact your glowing skin and work well by applying pressure on your abdominal area, which helps to detoxify the entire body. Not only does it improve your skin quality, but it also helps in releasing stress from the body.  To perform this asana, follow these steps:

  • Lay down straight with your back towards the ceiling and your face towards the floor.
  • Relax your arms by your side and lift your legs and use your hands to grab your ankles.
  • Go back to the lying position and repeat the exact 4-5 times.
  1. Fish Pose or Matsyasana

If you want healthy and glowing skin, one of the best poses to attain is to practice the fish pose or matsyasana. It improves blood circulation in the head. You will need to bend your back for this pose, and it is easy for even beginners to perform this. A professional yoga trainer said in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, “This pose provides a good stretch to the entire body and the muscles of the face and throat that makes it extremely useful to reduce double chin in individuals.” To perform this asana, follow these steps:

  • Lie down on your back with your feet on the floor and knees slightly bent.
  • With your hands under your buttocks, lift your legs towards the ceiling.
  • Bring your forearms and your elbows closer to your body and press it in a while, gently arching your back on every inhale.
  • While lifting your chest higher up in the air, elongate your spine.
  • Come back to the lying position and place the crown of your head on the floor.
  • Take 5-7 deep breaths and relax your body.
  1. Cobra Pose or Bhujagasana

By doing this posture, you can open up your chest, thereby reducing fatigue and tension. This posture fills up your organs with sufficient amounts of oxygen and improves the quality of your day and lifespan. Performing this asana in your daily yoga routine greatly enhances the glow of your skin. To perform this asana, follow these steps:

  • Lie down straight on your stomach so that your back is against the ceiling.
  • Now, use your hands to stretch backward and lift your upper body in the air so that your head is held up high.
  • With your palms facing towards the floor, take a few deep breaths while holding that pose.
  • Bring your upper body close to the floor, lie down straight, and breathe.

When the times are tough, and health has become the topmost priority of every nation, adding such an Online 200 hour yoga teacher training course to your routine will make your body healthier to fight against viruses and infections and positively impact your mental health. With some extra time on our hands with restricted travel and most people working from home, it is an excellent idea to prioritize your self-care, which has been neglected a lot in the past.