As you age, your face is the one part of your body that experiences the most notable effects of aging. Many people don’t bother about it because they think of it as a natural process, but some cannot accept that they are aging and want to look young forever. Hence, they search for clinics that perform the best facelift in Atlanta to target their aging concerns.

Facelift Surgery:

It is a type of cosmetic surgery to make you appear younger. The flaps of your skin are pulled up to make you look younger. It is a time taking procedure but the results are tremendous. You can choose from the six types of facelifts;

  1. If you have started showing the signs of aging then Mini- Facelift is the best option to choose.
  2. A Mid- Facelift is best for sagging skin of the cheeks.
  3. Cones or dissolvable sutures are used to anchor cheeks, excess neck skin, and jowl and nasolabial It is called the Silhouette Instalift.
  4. Neck liposuction is for the removal of excess fat in the jowl and neck area.
  5. The intense signs of aging can be reduced by the Deep Plane Facelift.
  6. Ultrasound energy is used to lift the loose skin. This procedure is called Ultherapy.

Pre-Surgery Guideline for Patients:

If you have made up your mind of having a facelift surgery then you should prepare yourself a few weeks before the day of the surgery. This is important if you want the best outcomes of the facelift. You can make a checklist of these points in a diary so that you remember them and plan accordingly.

Arrange an Attendant:

If you are living alone and away from your family, then it is important that you ask a family member or friend to come and stay with you for a few days after the surgery. It is vital that you arrange it a few days prior. The assistant can help you in many things; driving you to the house post surgery, weekly check-ups and doing household work that the doctor has forbidden you to do.

Take Healthy Diet:

It is noted that a healthy diet with good nutrients pre-surgery has positive effects on the patient during and after the surgery. You should eat many proteins; it will help you in healing afterwards. Take sufficient quantity of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, but vitamins as well as fish, containing omegas should be discontinued a week before the surgery.

Restrain from Smoking and Alcohol:

For people who are smokers, they should for at least 1 month leave smoking. If you continue to smoke, there will be consequences and complications like; contracting of the blood vessels, this causes less amount of oxygen to reach the skin and effects healing process. This will increase swelling and red rashes can occur. The patient can experience breathing problems after anesthesia administration.

The patient can face several problems if alcohol consumption is not controlled. Alcohol dries up the skin, the sedative effect of anesthesia is reduced and most importantly it thins the blood, which is dangerous because it increases the amount of blood loss during and after the surgery.

These discussed points are told to the patient by all clinics but only a few will provide you with the best services and one of them is Crispin Plastic Surgery.

Stop Taking Anticoagulants:

If you are taking any anticoagulants or blood thinning medication, you need to discontinue it 1-2 weeks before. It has the same effect as alcohol; the bleeding from the wound can be prolonged. A little bleeding is normal but lots of blood loss is not good. So avoid medicines like; aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, and all herbal supplements.

Check On Your Medical Condition:

Report any change in your medical condition to the doctor. If you feel cold or attack of flu then the surgery will be postponed. This can affect the healing process. It is recommended that you have a thorough medical check pre-facelift surgery and continue to visit the doctor to be aware of any changes.

Have important Items in Stock:

It is really vital that you have filled your medical prescriptions because it will be impossible for you to do so after surgery. Stack up the grocery and other useful items so that you don’t have the problem of getting them in a hurry.

A Day Prior to the Surgery:

These points are really important because they can affect the outcomes of the surgery. If you are having long nails and applied nail polish then make sure to remove it. Don’t drink or eat after midnight. Wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Jogging or warm-up suit is ideal as it can easily be opened from the front. Avoid wearing jewelry, make-up, and contact lenses.

On the Day of the Surgery:

Intake of food and drinks should be avoided. You can take a bath and brush your teeth but nothing else. Bring your prescribed medicines along and follow the instructions on how to take the medicines.

If you carefully follow the pre-facelift surgical instructions then you can avoid complications during and after the surgery. The procedure of facelift in Atlanta will go very smoothly.