There are certain precautions that should be made, even though it may seem odd at first. One of these things is a patient decree. Yes, you’ve read right. It’s mostly associated with old people. Younger ones usually don’t bother to deal with these sorts of topics, but in a lot of instances this can lead to a terrible chain of events. Accidents can happen everywhere, at any time. In order to make sure your loves ones and you won’t suffer, there are a couple of measures you should make. Let’s start at the beginning:

Germany: the state of insurances

Hardly any other country is as risk-averse as Germany. The insurance industry is booming: whether it’s heating oil tanks or your own grandmother in a nursing home – Germans like to protect their belongings and loved ones. After all, one wants to be prepared for all risks and know that things are already secured in advance. This saves  time and nerves for more important things. An accident is associated with huge bureaucracy: Endless correspondence often spans several instancesif you are no longer able to judge by a stroke of fate, you should have taken precautions in advance. A patientdecree can solve these situations for young and old people in advance.[1]

Patient decree

It is a written decision on any medical measures to be taken or omitted if the patient finds himself in a situation in which he is unable to make the appropriate decisions. It is determined in advance. When no order is formulated, it is at the doctor’s discretion to ascertain the presumed will of the person. The attending physician is then dependent on conversations with relatives and other relatives. The actual will of the patient can thus unintentionally fade into the background. Such a decision, however, is not possible without a binding power of attorney.  If the situation is unclear, a court must be consulted. In addition, a will to live must also be considered with regard to organ donation. This will allow for a written identification of possible organ transplantation. In the event of death, rapid and effective action can be taken to save lives.

Patient Decree – application and duration

You can create the living will conveniently and easily online from home. It is valid for 5 years and should then be adapted and revised. Choose a safe location that is accessible to your loved ones in the event of an accident or illness. Your family doctor will be happy to keep a copy for you in his office. If you want to make a patient decree you can go to

Patient decree: is it for me?

No matter whether you are at risk in your life situation or not – a patientdecree is never bad to have. It can be changed informally at any given time. This only takes a few minutes and helps to meet your wishes and expectations when you are no longer in a position to make your own decisions.