Pregnant women only want what’s best for their babies, and what better way to stay healthy and fit than by practicing pregnancy pilates? That’s right, this type of exercise can help women achieve health and wellness during their pregnancy. But what can one exactly get out of this type of pilates?

It Helps with Better Labour

One great thing about doing Pilates for pregnant women is that it keeps your body free and mobile. As you workout, you’re able to practice how to properly breathe which will help you once you start with labor. Also, the movements will help strengthen the muscles you’ll be using for childbirth.

It Helps Boost Your Energy Levels

Since Pilates is a form of exercise, it helps boost your blood circulation, immune system and provided the necessary energy you need to go through pregnancy. Once you’ve given birth, you can use what you learned in Pilates class as a way to provide yourself with a “me time.”

It Helps Reduce Back Pain and Corrects Posture

With all the movements you make on a pilate session, you get to strengthen the muscles deep in your abdomen region. The result is you’re more aware of your posture and stronger abdominal muscles – giving yourself a better chance not to develop back pain.

It Helps with Your Balance

As your baby bump grows and your weight increases, you’ll feel a bit more clumsy, and your balance won’t be as good as before. By doing Pilates, you get to strengthen your core. This way, you’re more stable, and you get to regain your balance even as you finish your term.

You Can Use it to Provide Support on Your Core After Birth

Taking pilate classes after giving birth will give your body especially your pelvis and abdominal wall the support it needs after the trauma of carrying your child. Since it gets stretched during pregnancy and is suddenly released after your baby comes out, doing Post-Natal Pilates will help you produce adequate tension needed to move easily.

It Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight gain is normal when you’re pregnant, but your doctor will need to check on your weight to make sure you don’t gain too many pounds. If you don’t take care of weight while carrying your baby, it can increase your risk of developing Gestational Diabetes. Doing pilates will help you maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy, and is one good way to reduce the risk of pregnancy-related complications.

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It Enhances Your Mood and Helps Relieve Stress

When you exercise, you’re able to release some stress, which is very important to pregnant women. Also, Pilates is one way to boost your mood, which will, in turn, make you happier and healthier throughout pregnancy.

When it comes exercise regimens while carrying your child, stick to aerobic exercises such as Pregnancy Pilates as these are safe and beneficial for expecting mothers.