Body builders and athletes who want to shed their body weight quickly yet safely, Anavar is for them. It is used for cutting cycles by sportsmen for efficient results. Anavar, commonly known as Var, is the most preferred steroid among professional and amateur weightlifters, athletes, bodybuilders etc. It is a supplement with less side effects. It can be taken individually or along with other steroids like testosterone, Winstrol, Deca etc.

Uses of Anavar only cycle

Anavar comprises of Oxandrolone which makes it a powerful steroid. It is legal because of its effect on HIV AIDS wasting conditions. It is also known to cure excessive physical trauma. It helps in preventing the onset of osteoporosis. It is one of the most expensive steroids which comes in the form of tablets and capsules. Anavar can be administered by males as well as females because it neither amortizes nor virilizes. It is at times also known as the girl steroid as it is used by female athletes too. Apart from decreasing body fat, it also helps in gaining lean muscles. Doctors prefer using the steroid after a major surgery to gain strength and mass. Some bodybuilders do not prefer taking it alone because of poor results from the Anavar only cycle.


Var, does not show desired results if taken alone. Thus, it is coupled with one or more supplements for quicker as well as effective results. Var is generally combined with Winstrol for better muscles. The combination mainly increases the shedding effect and becomes more potent. Anavar can be administered around 20-100 mg a day in males and 2.5 to 20 mg a day in females. Winstrol too should be taken in approximately equal quantities. The effect of Var remains for 6 months from the time it is stopped administering.


Anavar mostly has positive effects on our body. It is a mild androgenic and not toxic on liver. Thus it does not cause jaundice, hepatitis etc. Anavar also maintains hormonal balance by not amortizing to estrogen. It increases body strength and mass too. The best time of taking this steroid is winters when our body is in a mode of gaining weight. It should be administered till the end of spring. Summer season is the cooling period for the Anavar cycle.

Var has some side effects too. It affects endocrine system and HPTA cycle. It also slows the formation of sex hormones like serum testosterone, luteinizing hormones etc. Apart form these there are no major side effects.

Anavar is the most administered steroid because of its minimal side effects and quick results. Although it is the most preferred supplement, it still shows poor results from the Anavar only cycle. To improve its effects and results, it should be taken along with Winstrol or testosterone. When it’s stacked along with them, it becomes more beneficial. Anavar should be taken responsible because heavy doses can cause numerous reactions and side effects. It is a potential steroid and is effective in increasing body mass.