Reasons That You May Need To See An Eye Specialist

Eye Specialist

Eyes are very precious for everyone. They are one of the most delicate organs of our body which makes it all the more important to take care of them. It is said that just like a dental clinic, we should regularly schedule an appointment with eye doctor as well so that we can maintain healthy eyesight.

However, it is a sad truth that most people skip the regular eye check-ups and then there are others who never go for eye check-ups at all. The eye check-ups are not only meant for poor vision, but they also help in detecting eye problems even before the symptoms appear.

Here’s a look at reasons you must see a leading eye doctor Melbourne:

1.Eye infection

The first reason to see an eye specialist immediately is an infection. The eye infections get gross quite quickly so if you notice the signs of infection, rush to the eye doctor immediately. The common symptoms of eye infection are redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, pain, and discharge from eyes. The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic drop for clearing the vision.

2.Excruciating eye pain

If the pain in your eyes is bothering you and affecting your routine, it is time to see an eye specialist. Many people ignore the pain and symptoms which is wrong. If your eyes hurt even slightly, you should see the doctor. The pain can be a sign of injury, health condition like glaucoma, eye cancer, or scratched cornea.

3.If you are suffering from Diabetes or have a family history

It is important for people with diabetes to look after their blood sugar levels. But another thing to keep a check on for people with diabetes is the vision. Diabetes is an illness which can damage your retina. It can be detected during an eye exam before the actual loss of vision. Some people never realize they have diabetes until their eye examination suggests them having a blood test. Thus, it is advised to get your vision tested so that you can prevent the gradual loss of eyesight.

4.Frequent episodes of a headache

If you feel a headache quite often, it is time to see an eye specialist. An eye exam can detect several issues which might be the cause of a headache. In some cases, a headache can be caused due to constantly working on computer, working in too bright or too dim light. The pain can also be a result of long-sightedness, glaucoma, or astigmatism.

5.Bright flashes or floaters

Many people experience flashes or floating lights when looking up at the sky or wall. If you see a sudden increase in the, they can signify detached retina. It can be an eye emergency and you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible.


If you need to squint for seeing the computer or the signs at the road while driving, it is a sign that you need glasses. Squinting is not a good idea and you should get an eye examination done for new pair of glasses.

These are some of the reasons you must see an eye specialist. Eyes are precious and never ignore any signs that can lead to damage or loss of vision.