Though men have short hair that does not mean they do not have to take proper care of hair. Taking proper hair care is very much necessary in order to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Here are some major hair care tips for men which one can follow on a regular basis.

  • One should use a shampoo which suits their hair type. There are many shampoos which have natural ingredients which generally cleanse the scalp and the hair. One also needs to avoid shampoos which have harsh chemicals in it. The shampoos with natural ingredients can improve the volume of hair and it also gives hair some natural thickness. One should pick a shampoo which is enriched with Vitamin E and Amino acids.
  • There are many men who have the habit of shampooing their hair every day. But that is not a good idea. If one shampoos their hair on a regular basis then it can dry out the hair gradually. So, shampooing thrice a week is absolutely fine.
  • When one shampoos their hair, using a conditioner afterwards is a must. One can use some natural hair conditioners to get best results. It can nourish the hair and scalp. By using a good conditioner, one can bring back the healthy shine in their hair. Every time one uses a shampoo they must follow it with the conditioning process.
  • It is also a necessity to groom your hair from time to time. One can visit the salon at least once in a month and get a cut or style their hair properly. Getting it in shape every month is very much necessary.
  • One needs to choose a particular hair style which will complement their face. Not every man looks same even though they have the same hair cut. But one should always pick up a style which will fit their face and appearance. If there is a set style that someone prefers, then you can always go for that or try something new.
  • Do not be rash on your hair. Try to treat them gently always. After shampooing your hair do not rub the towel too much but try to rinse of the water gently. One can let the hair dry in natural air after they take a shower.
  • Also combing is a good way to maintain nice hair. One should not comb more than twice a day. Also do it with a smooth movement and never use it harshly. Combing will keep the blood circulation good in the scalp which will make the hair stronger.
  • One should use products which do not have much of chemical ingredients in it. That will eventually harm the hair and make it dull.

If one is suffering from dandruff issues then shampoo ketomac can be of great help. One can mix this medicated shampoo with their regular mild shampoo and use it at least twice a week to get rid of the white flakes and itchiness that causes hair problems.