According to the AMA survey, where 1,000 patient care physicians experience were examined. A nearly two-thirds (64 percent) report waiting for at least one business day, for prior authorization decisions from insurer. Whereas the rest (30 percent) said they wait three business days or longer.

This is why more outsource medical billing organizations are growing today. They offer a faster approval rate decreasing the entire billing problem for the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers these days are opting for more outsourcing services. This helps healthcare organization concentrates on other critical areas like patients care and technology etc.  All this outsourcing organization not only does orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization services. It also offers data entry, claims management, eligibility verification and account receivable for other specialitiess too.

Why Outsource Your Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior Authorization services:

Sunknowledge Service Inc is one of the leading outsource company serving both providers and payers for decades now. It offers a full rage service comprising Authorization request; follow up as well as approval. With a 99% accuracy rate and 80% reduction in operational cost, is one of the reasons for outsourcing from Sunknowledge.

An unmatchable productive metric with 100 satisfied clients it has specialized in prior authorization services for Orthotics and prosthetics, DME, Radiology, etc. it offers diligent follow-up till resolution and proper closure is done. Even an equal amount of importance is given to every account irrespective of size, age or claims value. Fast completion of the authorization process with a periodic follow-up to maintain authorization validity is done by sunknowledge for providers benefit.

A complete 100% HIPAA Compliant with real-time audit it guarantees a 100% PA submission on the same day itself. The standalone/end to end service of Sunknowledge gives provider to access to the services according to their priorities. As it has no contractual binding making Sunknowledge one of the best 360-degree RCM company.

Apart from Prior authorization service Sunknowledge cater complete orthotics and prosthetics Prior Authorization service:

  • Entry of Rx order
  • Entry of patient’s demographics and insurance
  • Dx Entry
  • Eligibility verification
  • Collection of complete Rx
  • A complete collection of documents for Authorization approval
  • Submission
  • Rejection/denial management
  • AR Follow up

To know more information about orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization services and other services check the website of Sunknowledge Service Inc. For effective seamless cash flow, get in touch with the expert team of Sunknowledge service Inc.