Looking for the list of best ENT Surgeon in India within your budget. Contact Us at Vaidam for the right guidance and list of ENT Surgeons India, It could be that the person is suffering from throat, nose or ear problem that is recurring and is not being able to respond to general over the counter medicines. In such a case, it will be wise to visit the Best ENT surgeons in India without any further delay. If the issue is found to be of severe nature, then the ENT might suggest performing surgery to rectify the problem. But such surgeries are best done by qualified, experienced and talented ENT surgeons. 

About the ENT surgeon

The surgeon is also termed to be an otorhinolaryngologist or otolaryngologist. The former is a medical term that stands for ‘not’ in Greek and means the study of throat, nose and ear. The surgeons are known to have earned some kind of specialization to perform advanced surgical remedies to treat different types of deformities, diseases and treatments, associated with the neck, head, throat, nose and ears. Basically, these surgeons can be termed to be medical doctors having qualifications like an undergraduate degree (MBChB, MBBS, DO, and MD) and having completed a general surgical residency of a one-year minimum. They also are said to have completed throat, nose and ear surgical residency of minimum four years. Apart from this, some surgeons are known to undergo special training sessions to earn a specialization in specific domains like otology, laryngology and paediatric ENT. The ENT surgeons on an average tend to receive about 15-16 years of intense training in the specific domain prior to starting their independent practising. 

Some common surgical remedies offered by ENT surgeons

The ENT surgeon in modern ENT clinic is supported by the ENT doctors and accompanied by trained medical assistants, anaesthetists and trained nurses. Few common surgical remedies offered by the well trained ENT surgeons are:

  • Rhinoplasty: It is a procedure that is recommended mainly for aesthetic purposes including reconstructive and functional reasons. It takes about 1-4 hours to complete, which again depends upon individual case complexity. In a few cases, cartilage and bone get grafted from other body parts of the patient and then is transplanted to the nose region. 
  • Tonsillectomy: It is a common surgical remedy conducted by the ENT surgeon. This procedure is generally advised to those patients who tend to experience recurrent infections associated with acute tonsillitis. For a few days, the patient may feel discomfort in the throat which is caused by Tonsillectomies and at times could require staying in the hospital for treatment. The recovery period for the same is for around 2-3 weeks. 
  • Elimination of swellings: Swellings and cysts might appear in the throat, nose, ear, head and neck region, which need to be removed by the ENT surgeons. Besides this, they might also be required to eliminate the non-cancerous or cancerous tumours. 
  • Adenoidectomy: It is a procedure where there is removed adenoid, considered to be single tissue clump that occurs at the back portion of the nose and can be painful. Few reasons to remove the clump are earaches, impaired breathing and chronic infections. Usually, Adenoidectomies are performed under general anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. 
  • Hearing loss: There are some people who might lose their hearing abilities permanently or temporarily due to some accidental injury, old age, infection or various other factors. They might hear some strange nose within their ears such as squeaking, tinkling or buzzing. In case, therapy or medicines does not solve the problem to correct such hearing problems, then the Best ENT surgeons in India might advise undergoing ear surgical remedy. 

Choosing the top ENT surgeon

When it comes to having a surgical procedure, the person needs to take utmost care to choose only the very best in the domain. The ENT doctor should be a surgeon, having sufficient experience in treating a variety of cases, should make the patients feel comfortable and understand their problems and offer appropriate remedy and medications. The best ENT doctors are said to specialize in Sinofacial pain, otology, facial plastics, voice disorders, neck and head surgery, rhinoplasty, obstructive sleep apnoea, nose surgery etc. It is only a good and well trained ENT doctor who can do away with the problems faced by the patient and ensure quicker recovery and smooth life.