ketomac shampoo hair loss price is genuine and this is the most effective method to cure the problem of dandruff but this shampoo has many side effects also. This includes 2% ketoconazole which is an antifungal medication which is used to cure the problem of dandruff. This can be used to cure the bacterial infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm. This whole thing is available as cream, gel and shampoo as well. Nizoral is also available in generic form as a shampoo as well as cream. This is till date the best treatment for the problem of dandruff. 

Some of the side effects are itching or irritation. Some other may include the dry skin, abnormal hair texture, oiliness and dry pastures, scalp pastures and hair falling as well. Some people even faced the problem of rashes after using this. There were application site reactions to some people and some suffered from severe headache as well. One has to apply the shampoo to the affected area and a proper margin should also be made around the area. Then it should be left for 5-10 minutes and then rinsing should be done. One application dose may not be sufficient for curing this problem.

This may be interacted with other drugs as well. One must be clear with the doctor one is referring to and one should not hide anything from him or her. There must be proper conversation between the doctor and the patient so that the problem can be effectively cured. One must tell the doctor about all the medications and the products which one is using and everything should be told to the doctor.  

Even the doctor must be told about the conditions of being pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Such things should be made clear because these things can affect the fetus of the women which can later on prove to be harmful. If such an unknown drug passes through the breastfeeding then it can be even harmful for the baby. One must consult the doctor for both the things for using such products and for breastfeeding as well. There are some of the generic side effects mentioned on the package of the product so that the consumers are made aware about the consumption of the product they are going to consume.

This is not sufficient for the side effects as this is very subjective term. Different effects can take place for different people. So one must consult the doctor who is trust worthy for that person and the one who has proper knowledge of the patient’s history so that he can give an idea about the suitability of the product to him or her. One must immediately call the doctor if one feels burning, irritation or redness, or shortness of breath. The common effects are changing of the texture of the hair and dry skin. Hair loss ketomac shampoo helps to solve such problems of loosing the hair and solve such issues effectively in order to fully satisfy the consumers.