Everyone who’s physically active has experienced a sports-related injury at least once in their lifetime. The two most common causes of injuries in sports: overuse and trauma. However, there are multiple ways to prevent and treat both kinds of injuries, that will also help you get back on track in no time.

To safely continue your daily activity routines, you need to pay extra attention to your body. Use common sense to prevent future injuries. Here are a couple of tips on how can you do so. 

1. Warm-up no matter what

Even if you’re a professional athlete with a couple of years of experience, you need to warm up. Everyone who is changing their pace from walking to running or other kinds of activities that require physical strength should warm up their bodies before they get into it. 

Just because you’re physically fit and strong that doesn’t mean that you should skip the warm-up. No matter what kind of activities you do, make sure you’ve prepared your muscles and ankles for it. Stretch and slowly warm up your body before you jump into the active phase. That’s one of the best ways to prevent sports-related injuries.

2. Listen to your body

Your body is the best indicator that tells you that you’ve pushed yourself too far. If you feel like you’re getting tired quicker than usual, take a break! Your body is telling you that it’s under too much stress and that it needs to cool down for a while. That’s not a sign to start pushing it even more. That’s how overuse injuries might happen.

One of the best tips you can follow is to check up on your pain. If the pain is mild and makes you feel good, keep going. That’s a sign of muscle growth. However, if you feel unbearable pain in the muscles and joints, shortness of breath, and fatigue, it’s definitely time to cool down for a while.

3. Rice treatment

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to take care of our bodies, we get injured in some of the most ridiculous ways. Is that injury serious? Do we need to contact a doctor right now? Before you panic and call an ambulance for a mild sprain, consider doing a rice treatment.

RICE is one of the most popular treatments among athletes. It consists of rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Some doctors claim that this is the most important step you can take within 48 hours from an injury. On the other hand, some experts claim that RICE isn’t a good method and should be replaced by MOVE

4. See a doctor

If your injury gets swollen, red, or more painful, maybe it’s time to ditch the home treatments and go see a real doctor. For instance, if you have joint pain or a foot sprain that isn’t going away, that’s your cue to see a professional. What kind of doctor do you need? 

It usually depends on the injury. However, you can contact reliable sports medicine doctors that specialise in different fields and can help you overcome your injury faster. They use a wide range of professional injury treatments suitable for your individual case to help you get back on your feet in no time. 

5. Ease back in the game

Even if doctors helped you cure your injury faster, you still need to be careful and pay attention to your injured limb or joint. What does that mean? This means that you should ease it back in the game. Even if you have built endurance and stamina, after the rest period you might need some time to pick up where you left and get back on track.

You need a lot of patience for your body to work out after an injury. Don’t expect you’ll just pick up where you left. You need to be careful in order not to injure yourself again. So, take it easy. Step by step and you’ll be back in your original shape in no time.


These are some common-sense tips and guidelines for overcoming an injury everyone should know. If you notice that you’re not feeling well or that the pain in certain body areas is increasing, take a break and listen to your body. It’s one of the best ways you can prevent an injury.