There is a growing trend of people starting to worry about their health. With all the processed food out there designed so the food companies can maximise their profits, considering eating healthy over cheaper food is something many of us have come to regret. It is only once we realise how bad the processed foods are do, we start to try and do something about it. Then if you combine a bad diet with smoking and drinking, we really are asking for problems in our later life. 

It has only just recently been reported that there are more cases of those under 40 picking up diabetes according to here. This is a worrying stat in itself and we haven’t even included reports about the increase in heart disease, gastric reflux, and other conditions that can derive as a direct result of a bad diet, which includes too much tea or coffee, alcohol, junk food, sugary foods, bad calories, and not drinking enough water. 

Now is the time to change and to make that change you will also need to include sporting activities and not just diet. That means getting out there and doing some exercise.

It is much easier for those that used to be sporty to change their diet as well as include exercise into their newfound healthy lifestyle regime. If you used to play football, then maybe you will rekindle some of those skills you use to have, but find that your fitness levels will only allow you to run and concentrate on making the right pass, tackle, or shot and to be able to make sure your positioning is correct. The same applied to sports such as tennis, badminton, rugby, basketball and so on. 

How Can A Decent Diet Help You Regain Your Sporting Competitiveness?

First of all, we would suggest that if you smoke, then swap to a vape or iQos to make sure you are at least cutting out the carcinogenic fumes burning cigarettes give out. Then, also consider quitting drinking. Do these two things, and even without a decent diet you will start to notice a huge difference. You should then consider cutting out the smoking aid replacements as you start to play more sport and feel the need to cut out anything that could negatively affect your performance. 

Next, with the money you save from not smoking or drinking, you will find you have enough money to buy the more expensive health food. That is to say that you will no longer have an excuse to eat cheaply just to fill a hole because most of the time eating cheaply means eating unhealthily. You have probably heard so many people saying that it is so expensive to eat a good diet. Most of the time that is because people need to spend their money on booze and cigarettes but imagine what you can achieve without them. You can eat a decent diet and still have money to spare. 

Knowing what to eat to improve your sporting prowess and decision making will mean that you will need to be prepared to study so you know the best foods for your body condition and for what you are trying to achieve. is a good place to start as this firm are experts in nutrition and will be able to help you with an array of diet and nutrition options. 

In the end, you will find not only will your decision making improve because your cardiovascular health improves thanks to oxygen reaching your brain in a more balanced way, you will also promote your overall brain health through your new diet. This will help in sport and also in your day to day life.