Cancer starts developing the time when cells in the body begin to grow uncontrollably. Cells can grow in any part of the body and can become cancer and also can spread to other body parts too. Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer, is one of the types of cancer which starts in the stomach. Stomach cancer tends to grow slowly over many years, and before true cancer develops some changes occurs in the inner lining of the stomach. These changes do not show any symptoms and so undetected at an early stage. Cancer in different parts of the stomach shows various signs and also has different outcomes. The treatment process of cancer also varies as per its location.

Types of stomach cancer

  1.     Adenocarcinomas

It is the most common type, we can say that stomach or gastric cancer always is adenocarcinoma. It develops from cells that form the inner lining of the stomach.

  1.     Lymphoma

This type of stomach cancer is the cancer of immune system tissue that is in the wall of the stomach. The outlook and treatment of this cancer depend upon its type.

  1.     GIST

GIST i.e., Gastrointestinal stromal tumor is rare and begins in very early forms of cells in the wall of the stomach known as interstitial cells of Cajal. Several of these tumors are non cancerous that is benign, and others are cancerous. GIST can be found anywhere in the digestive tract.

  1.     Carcinoid tumor

These type of tumor begins in hormone making cells of the stomach and mostly do not spread to other organs.

  1.     Other types of stomach cancers

Other types of cancer include small cell carcinoma, leiomyosarcoma, and squamous cell carcinoma begins in the stomach but is rare.

How is stomach cancer treated?

Cost of Stomach cancer treatment in India is between USD 5800 to USD 6000. During the treatment, the patient may also undergo chemotherapy treatment, which will cost about USD 650 to USD 1200. the survival rate of stomach cancer is about 65 percent if your cancer is in its early stage. If it has spread near the stomach and into the lymph nodes, then its survival rate is just 30 percent. The treatment best suited for you will entirely depend upon overall health and cancer stage. Stomach cancer treatments include

  • Surgery for stomach cancer

Surgery is the part of stomach cancer treatment for several different stages. Patient at stage 0, I, II, III is healthy enough for surgery and can cure. Surgery is performed to remove cancer from a part or all of the stomach.

  • Chemotherapy for stomach cancer

Chemotherapy is also recommended for some cancer patients, and this treatment use anti-cancer drugs that are injected into the veins or as giving through the mouth. These drugs reach all areas and make this treatment useful for cancer that spread in other body organs.

  • Other targeted therapies

Sometimes targeted drugs work tremendously when chemo drugs don’t. Researchers developed new drugs to try to target other aspects of cancer cells that are different from healthy cells.

  • Immunotherapy for stomach cancer

Immunotherapy is the type of treatment in which the use of medicines is done to help a person’s immune system find and destroy cancer cells. In some cases, it is used to treated stomach cancer.

  • Radiation therapy for stomach cancer

Radiation therapy is also considered as the excellent way to treat cancer, and it uses high energy rays or particles to kill cancer cells in the specific body part. It is used in different ways to treat stomach cancer.

Top doctors for stomach cancer treatment in India

  •       Dr. Harit Chaturvedi – having 25 years of experience
  •       Dr. Kapil Kumar – having 28 years of experience
  •       Dr. PL Kariholu – having 35 years of experience
  •       Dr. Sabyasachi Bal – having 34 years of experience

Patients with stomach cancer tend to have better outcomes when they received treatment at a reputable cancer hospital in India with experienced top stomach cancer experts.