Sunknowledge Sets The Benchmark in Genomics Lab Billing

Genomics Lab Billing

Comprehensive assessment of the best practices across the healthcare industry, Sunknowledge Services Inc sets the perfect benchmark in prior authorization for genomics labs. We have a large footprint and work with a spectrum of more than 28 specialities that encompass: Orthotics & prosthetics, Genomics Lab, dermatology groups, radiology centres, and many others. A complete understanding of the claims adjudication demands, we lead the show in genomics lab billing.

Improve your reimbursement; enhance your revenue cycle management experience with the Sunknowledge advantage in genomics billing. We set the right checks and balances by introducing a perfect prior authorization process that betters the denial management efforts in the best possible manner. Our team ensures:

  • Gathering of important information on the procedure from the patient and the providers
  • Check the patient’s eligibility
  • Initiate PA request as per payer protocols
  • Communicate with the payer to validate prior auth request
  • Checking of auth status with payers doing the effective follow-up
  • Follow up with referring provider for additional documents
  • Provide additional documents as requested by the payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the client PM/Billing system

A Perfect Genomics Lab Billing Partner

As a reliable operational extension, we set the perfect foundation and offer state of the art support in genomics lab billing. Our team performs task-specific activities in benefits check, authorization, denial management, and accounts receivable recovery. Our team promises to reduce your billing costs by 70%, increase your collections by 97% with our functional best practices.

Let our experts talk, explain how we offer trust and excellence, improve your cash flow, reduce cumulative wait times by working as a perfect prior authorization company. We have an excellent mechanism of back and forth sharing of information, drive ROI, improve transparency as a genuine medical billing and collections destination.

We provide dedicated resources, offer versatility across all major practice management and billing systems, drive your ROI with our specialized intervention. We are waiting to know your immediate needs and our leadership team will be sharing with you a perfect plan of action in genomics lab billing.