When it comes to weight loss, there is no substitute for exercise. Dieting, or rather taking care of your diet is equally important, but exercise, especially cardio and weight training makes a big difference. However, there a few things that are called weight loss aids. A good example of that would be a whole body vibration machine. Whole-body vibration, according to the experts, does have a few health benefits, especially with regards to weight loss. In this post, we take a look at how this can help you in losing weight.

How does it work?

Most of the whole-body vibration machines require you sit, stand or lie on the main platform, and as the product starts working, energy is transmitted to the body, which forces the muscles to contract and relax at a continuous speed every single minute. This almost mimics the effect of cardio, where you are moving continuously to keep the muscles moving. Today, there are all sorts of machines out there, and most of these are designed to offer weight loss benefits.

Is exercise still important?

If you talk to the experts and advocates who have used the best whole body vibration machine, they will tell you that vibration does help in weight loss. All you need is 15 minutes a day, usually four to five times a week. Exercise, however, is still critical, if you want to improve the weight loss experience. To be more precise, there is no denying that these vibration machines do work for losing fat, but when you want to accelerate the process, adding some form of exercise in your regime is a great idea.

What are the benefits?

The foremost and obvious benefit of vibration machines is weight loss. You will be able to burn off fat, without actually doing anything at all. Also, vibration machines are great when it comes to adding flexibility and improving blood flow. If you have been exercising rigorously and have muscle soreness, these machines can offer relief to some extent. Some studies have also revealed that vibration machines may have a role in decreasing the level of cortisol, which is known to be the stress hormone. You may also get some relief from back pain.

This brings to an important question – Is a vibration machine enough for weight loss? To be fair, not all machines are the same, but you should be able to burn off more calories than being idle, and that’s something you cannot ignore as a benefit. If you can focus on your diet and included exercise in the regime, the results with vibration machines can be even better.

Final word

If you are looking for the best vibration machine for weight loss, make sure to check the specifications, features and reviews. You should be able to control the vibrations and other settings may come in handy. There are many websites that have compared such products, and you can check the pros and cons of each vibrating machine before placing the order.

Everyone needs guidance when they start weight losing program. Eating a healthy diet plays equally vital role as exercising. Look forward towards DIY Active fitness tips to lose Weight and stay fit in a healthy manner.