Symptoms Of A Silent Heart Attack That Should Not Be Ignored

Silent Heart Attack

A heart attack is a term which is very common and it is not necessarily known to people associated with a medical field. Heart attack refers to a condition when the blood supply to a part of the heart is stopped. A heart attack is indeed a very serious condition which can be an indication of numerous things. Moreover, it can be fatal however, it is not fatal in many cases as well.

The stop or blockage in the supply of blood to the heart can end up with a part of the heart’s tissue (where the supply had stopped), to be dangerous.


A heart attack is caused due to numerous reasons. Many of which have been mentioned below.
Heart attack can accompany the blockage of either a very major portion of the heart or just the minor one.

1- Drug use
Drugs can cause spasm of the artery (coronary). This causes a blockage in the way of the blood supply to the heart.

2- Cholesterol level
High level of cholesterols can prove to be another symptom. In this condition, plaques are formed and during a heart attack, these breakdown releasing cholesterol in the blood proved to be another risk factor. Plaques are formed simply because of the blockage of coronary arteries due to the accumulation of many substances, in this case, cholesterol.

3- Uncontrolled diabetes

4- Obesity
it is one of the most common reasons for a heart attack.

5- Extreme stress
it can put a strain on the heart resulting in a heart attack.


Whenever we hear the word heart attack, the symptoms that accompany the words are, ‘’pain in the chest extending towards the arms’’, and no, it is not incorrect. But it is not correct in every case either. On a very serious note, an individual might have a silent heart attack where the symptoms might be too ordinary for a heart attack.  Around 20 percent of people annually have a heart attack that is silent. It must be kept in mind, especially by the people who have heart issues and heart diseases that not every heart attack accompanies a crippling and unbearable pain in the heart.

1- Vomiting and indigestion
Would you ever expect that when you vomit, you might be having a heart attack? No, right? This is the case we are talking about.

Of one of the very common symptoms of a mute heart attack, vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues are prominently seen. Although, the exact and precise reason of why a heart attack accompanies this symptom is not exactly known however, the most accepted research and study states that as many of the heart’s cells die during a heart attack, they tend to release numerous biochemical substances in the body ending up with vomiting and other such problems.

2- Stress and feeling tired
Again, you might feel stressed and normal in your daily life routine and it might not be something to take as seriously, but trust us, it for sure is. Basically, the heart is not able to easily perform its function of pumping blood as it once did when it was healthy. Due to this reason, a strain is put on the heart and you might end up feeling extra tired and stressed all the time.

3- Throat pain
Throat pain has no direct links with your heart. Basically, during a heart attack, the different portions are influenced and the arm and throat are one of those portions. You might also feel pain in your lower jaw.

4- Sweating
It is a much-known reason. Sweat. You might experience cold sweats just casually sitting without knowing the apparent reason of why it is happening. A sure symbol of a heart problem.

5- Feeling of soreness in the back and arms
So what actually happens is that when your body runs short on oxygen, you tend to feel soreness. Obviously, the heart not being able to function properly is an indication that your body is not up taking oxygen as it should have and the result is soreness in the back and arms.


Majority of the people tend to remain unaware of the fact that they have heart disease or a heart issue. This can be due to numerous reasons however, being unaware of the disease can be very dangerous and harmful and one might know after they have had a heart attack. This is because a heart disease requires care from food to exercise. And if proper care is not taken, there can be serious outcomes.

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