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Health Insurance plans

5 Advantages of Having a Daily Cash Hospital Plan

Under the umbrella of Health Insurance plans policies that take care of medical expenses, you have regular health insurance, special plans extending coverage for...
Hair Transplant in India

Causes of Hair Loss in Female Teenagers

Hair loss at teenager girls is generally common as it include a lot of factors. According to experts a normal person loses around 50...
Treadmill to Lose Weight

Treadmill to Lose Weight

Step 1: The basics and requirements of treadmill Treadmill and losing weight is a common combination, which is also logical because exercise is needed when...
Testosterone replacement therapy

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy isn't something that you purposely choose. Instead, it chooses you. You thought it was fun topic to read about, but didn’t...
oral cancer

Are Seniors More At Risk For Oral Cancer?

Odds of having oral cancer do enhance with age. As per a research by American Cancer Society (ACS), among all those who are afflicted...
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