The Advantages of Hl7 Messaging Services

Hl7 Messaging helathcare industry

Hl7 messaging services are used to transfer electronic data between disparate healthcare systems. Each message sends information about a particular event such as patient admission. An hl7 is ANSI-accredited standards developing the organization.

Components of HL7 Messaging

It consists of more than 1 segment and each segment consists of one or more composites which are also known as fields. A carriage return character (0D in hexadecimal) separates one segment from another and each segment is displayed on different lines of text. Each composite is separated by a pipe (|) character. If a composite consists of some composites then these composites are separated by ^ character.

Types Of HL7 Messages

There are various types of hl7 messages. These are:-

  • ACK (general acknowledgement)
  • ADT (admit, discharge, transfer)
  • BAR (add/change billing account)
  • DFT (detailed financial transaction)
  • MDM (medical document management)
  • MFN (master file notification)
  • ORM (order pharmacy/treatment)
  • ORU (observed results (unsolicited))
  • QRY (query original mode)
  • RDE (pharmacy/treatment encoded order)
  • SIU (scheduling information unsolicited)
  • RGV (Pharmacy/treatment give)

How HL7 brings new innovation to healthcare

They are defined as a set of standards, definitions and formats for transfer and exchange of administrative or clinical data between software applications. They focus mainly on the application layer of the QSI model in networking. They generally send healthcare-related information in form of one or more messages which includes patient records, billing information etc.

Advantages of using HL7 Messaging Services

There are various advantages of using HL7 Messaging Services. These are:-

  • They help in creating a national health information network and electronic health record.
  • They help in development in interoperable systems.
  • They facilitate easy communication between systems.
  • They implement cost-effective solutions related to healthcare.
  • Using these services, healthcare information can be delivered in a consistent manner to the patient.
  • They reduce data entry time and increase the overall efficiency of the facility.

When HL7 messaging was introduced, people were not much interested in these since other methods have been used for a great amount of time. Over the years, once people started to understand the benefit of this type of messaging hospitals or clinics started to implement these services more and more.

The benefits these services provide to the patient has increased their interest in going to the places where these services are provided which have made more clinics implement these services.

The greatest benefit a HL7 Messaging Service provides is the fact that now patient information can be transferred from one system to another making irrelevant and frequent visits to the clinics for this information non-existent.