If you are a health buff, you definitely are eating yoghurt instead of ice cream. It may be more on the sour side than that of sweet, but its benefits are undeniably good for your body. Now, why don’t you take your love for yoghurt to another level and try eating one made of coconut? The benefits will definitely be great for your body.

It Is Full Of Vitamins and Minerals

If you happen to talk to a nutritionist lately, you surely have heard that eating yoghurt has a lot of benefits and one of them is that they give your body the vitamins and mineral it needs. This is also the same as coconut yoghurt, now popularly known as CoYo, but even better because it is natural. It also has live cultured good bacteria that will help you in your digestion.

If You Are a Vegan, Then This Is What You Need

Vegans are not fans of dairy products and are therefore not that much of yoghurt eaters because these yoghurts come from cows. But, with the CoYo now available, vegetarians can now also enjoy the benefits of yoghurt. This makes their health journey even more enjoyable. Being able to taste yoghurt without actually having to consume dairy is the best for these vegans.

It Is Rich in Fibre

Yoghurt from coconut is also great because of its fibre richness. This would only testify more that CoYo is great to help you in digesting the food you eat. If partnered with other fibre enriched foods, your weight loss journey can be faster and easier.

It Is Rich in Calcium

On top of all the benefits of CoYo, it is even rich in calcium which can make your bones healthier as well. Adults, especially women, are prone to osteoporosis and having calcium to build stronger bones is what you need to prevent having this situation. As you grow older, your bones tend to get weaker and drinking milk is good but if you pair it with this healthy yoghurt, you get even greater benefits for your bones.

It Is Delicious

Well, what more could you ask for, right? Aside from being good for your health, CoYo is actually delicious because it is still yoghurt after all. If it is healthy and it tastes good, then all the more reason for you to try out. Aside from that CoYo does not have high levels of sugar, only some that come from its ingredient which is coconut water which is also healthy, by the way.

It Is Good For Lactose Intolerant Folks

Not being able to eat dairy yoghurt because of lactose intolerance? This is the solution for your craving. You can eat CoYo without having to worry about having an upset stomach because of the dairy in your food. You must try this amazing super food because it is rich in everything that your body needs in order for you to be a healthier version of yourself.