Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) and its newer rivals, also Cialis (Tadalafil), are Erectile Dysfunction medications, which have been created and meant for old salts that had trouble hoisting their sails. But in the past couple of decades, these pills have caught on as recreational drugs together with the guys under 30.

New research conducted and results derived from it found that, although the most significant group of Viagra consumers continue to be at the 56 and older age category, there has been a 300 percent increase in prescriptions for men under 45 since the medication had been launched in 1998. Add to the countless thousands who purchase it online, and it is apparent that the nation is in for some tough times.

As the English proverb says, “Grass is always greener on the other side.” There’s always a dark side to the invisible helping hand. The outcome of large quantities of men taking supplements that they do not need is raising questions in the medical community.

The Worst Scenario to Look at

It is never a fantastic idea to utilize a prescription medication that is prescribed by your physician. There are dangers and side effects of those drugs, and you will find medical conditions that you can have where there might be severe impacts.

If your doctor prescribes Viagra for a real wellness issue, the dose will likely be positively characterized. Taken recreationally, the sole counsel you get could be from this friend recounting the story of this invincible boner through an epic sexual session. This may cause a few to leap in the conclusion which means more great times.

A guy choked down 35 pills of Viagra for fun which resulted in hallucinations, nausea, in addition to a five-day throbber which could have cost him his life. However, it’d be best if you didn’t take handfuls of those things for bad things to happen. An emergency operation managed to save a life of a man who’s wife added two tablets of Viagra in his wine bottle. The man suffered from a near fatal cardiac arrest.

Why People are Misusing & Fancying Viagra so Much

Men that do not suffer from an erection might still wish to stay into the game. There have been so many cases of men who didn’t suffer from ED, let alone indulged in consuming Viagra. Sometimes, it may just be to boost performance or to perform better.

Some usage Viagra, maybe not for ED but since they have discovered, it can improve their performance. For other guys, it is all about convenience and price. They want the hassle-free service of obtaining the pill without any prescription from a certified doctor.

The majority of us live active lives, and so, a few guys may find it tough to see their physician. Besides, there’s also a stigma concerning ED. Many younger guys feel embarrassed to talk about their problems with the doctor.

Risks Involved in the Process

Risks Involved in the Process

Buying ED drugs over the counter from online websites can be risky. Most of the online sites sell these products either illegally, or you won’t get the desired product for what you paid. Viagra is known to cause some side effects such as nausea, headaches, flushing, heartburn, etc. If you’re already suffering from any of the cardiovascular-related ailments, the chances are that you’ll be risking your life for a spoon of pudding.

Therefore, it becomes essential to consult your doctor or your pharmacist before purchasing these meds.