High blood pressure may increase the risk of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. Nevertheless, some BP drugs can also give rise to this issue. One of the primary reasons that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) becomes more prevalent with age is that elderly men are more inclined to be on drugs, and ED is often a complication of many common drugs. In reality, it’s been estimated in 25 percent of the cases that ED has been due to the medication.

Problems can arise due to drugs, but blood pressure drugs are near the very top. ED is an occasional side effect of BP medications such as beta-blockers, and diuretics, all which make it tough to obtain an erection and can reduce blood flow to the penis. Diuretics decrease the zinc levels in the body & decrease blood flow into the penis. Zinc is needed to make testosterone, and these drugs tend to increase the problem of ED by making it difficult for the arteries to widen and let blood flow into it.

Men with ED are roughly 38 percent more likely to have higher blood pressure than those without ED, according to a study which analyzed the medical records of over 1.9 million guys. Because ED happens in men, who smoke or are obese – both of which are risk factors for hypertension that isn’t so surprising.


How do Erections Work

When you obtain an erection, signs from the mind or nerve endings from the penis induce the smooth muscle of these chambers to unwind and arteries to dilate, or open wider. This permits a dash of blood to fill out the vacant spaces.

The strain of blood flow triggers the sheath of tissue across the chambers to press on veins (which function by draining blood out of the penis).  As blood flows in, the penis stiffens and expands, and you also experience an erection.

After the excitement finishes, the muscle contracts enabling blood to return and taking stress from the penis. The penis returns to its original (flaccid) state.

What Can be Done

Talk with your physician if you see any symptoms of ED after beginning therapy with any BP medication. He might be able to recommend some different drug. Remember that it may take anywhere from a few days to weeks after quitting a blood pressure medicine for erections to reunite.

You need to have your blood pressure checked as BP can be an indication of ED, even if you don’t take any blood pressure medications.

In addition to this, take a break from your sedentary lifestyle. Our lifestyle plays a crucial role in determining our mental as well as physical health. Smoking & drinking alcohol damages blood vessels, increases blood pressure & harms the brain, kidneys and other tissues of the body. Limit your alcohol intake & try to stop smoking. We all know that it isn’t easy but limiting everything to a certain extent can surely help you. It takes time but it’s definitely worth it.

Indulge in various exercise training programs, maintain a healthy diet, get yourself diagnosed regularly and you’ll see some positive changes in your body. There are some natural foods such as berries, watermelon, pistachios that can enhance your sexual performance and help you to perform better in bed. Discuss your problem with your partner. Be patient, and things will eventually fall into their right place.